The World Is Safer

Pres. Weah Believes

Liberian President, George MannehWeah believes the World is safer today and more prosperous because of the United Nations (UN) in keeping with its founding principles to pursue and secure world peace and tranquility following a horrific global war. Pres. Weah made the observation recently in Monrovia during the commemoration o UN 75th Anniversary on October 24, 2020. 

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US$12 Billion Approved

World Bank Finances COVID-19 Vaccines

World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors recently approved an envelope of $12 billion for developing countries to finance the purchase and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, tests, and treatments for their citizens. 

The financing, which aims at supporting vaccination of up to a billion people, is part of an overall World Bank Group’s (WBG) package of up to $160 billion through June 2021 to help developing countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

It adds new financing to the Bank’s COVID-19 emergency response programs that are already reaching 111 countries. This financing package helps signal to the research and pharmaceutical industry that citizens in developing countries also need access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

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Witchcraft Activities Overawed Nimba County

Traditional Chief Alarms

Since the Liberian Government banned the use of traditional method to detect, expose, prevent and radically handle witchcraft activities, the practice is said to be uncontrollable across the country.

However, it appears the gravity of the practice has reached an alarming proportion prompting a traditional chief to break silence by making a clarion call to lawmakers to take action by legislations to suppress the upsurge of witchcraft activities in the county.

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