Another Chinese Murdered

Eye witnesses stood astound on 10th and 11th Streets in Sinkor when a murder was reported at the China Great Wall Hotel. Reports say the proprietor of the Hotel was murdered in cold blood.
Sources at the Crimes Against The Person – Homicide Section of the Liberia National Police have confirmed the incident, but refused to make further comments as investigation is still continuing. Police spokesman, George Baduu told this paper in a telephone conversation that Homicide detectives were sent on the scene to establish circumstances surrounding the death of the Chinese national.Though the police refusal to make comment at this point in time is based on procedural chain, it has built iron curtains on the details of the murder. As yet, the full name of the deceased is not disclosed but is certainly clear that he was the proprietor of the China Great Wall Hotel in Sinkor.
It is also not clear whether the police had made any arrest in relation to the murder. Hotel sources have hinted this paper that the man was severely stabbed to death.
No information is available on who did the killing, but informed sources have noted that in recent days there has been tense moment between and among Chinese who usually go to patronize the business at the China Great Wall Hotel.
One hotel worker has told that she suspects the murder might have been done by another Chinese gang group. “You know the Chinese and Japanese have cults and clicks, which are sometimes murderous. May be the people who killed our boss are members of other Chinese gangster group,”a source has said.
George Baduu said by today, Monday, the police may be able to make comment on the investigation.
This is the second time a Chinese has been killed since the taking-over of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. A Chinese lady was killed on the MVTC campus in Gardnersville allegedly by one Mohammed Konneh, who also is reported dead while serving his days at the Monrovia Central Prison.
Besides this reported killing, two other Chinese are also in jail for the murder of a South African IT Specialist on Randal Street.

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