Liberia Calls On Libya To Protect Innocent Lives

Pres. Sirleaf

As the violence and turmoil in the Arab world advances in the form of mass protests, it seems world leaders are becoming uneasy about the new paradigm of unseating governments under the guise of ‘populous democracy.’
But the overall violence that accompanies recent mass protests, with the Arab Jamahiyar Republic of Libya being the latest, is what now keeps world leaders on their edges. Like others around the world, the Government of Liberia has condemned the violence in Libya and expresses deep regrets at the loss of lives. Already, international wires have reported that more than 1,000 persons have lost their lives. But this is yet to be independently confirmed as international media are restricted in Libya during these conflicts.
The Liberian Government is calling on the Libyan leader, Moammer Gaddafi, and all Libyans to exercise restraint by protecting the rights of innocent and law abiding Africans and guest workers who are only in Libya to work and earn a living.
A release from the Executive Mansion quotes the Liberian Government as urging all sides to the Libyan conflict not to allow the destruction of their country. “From Liberia’s own recent experience, it is easy to destroy than to rebuild,” the release said.
The release furthered that Libya has been a ”strong voice for African unity and independence and that it must rise out of the crisis to maintain its own unity and remain a rallying voice for Africa’s emancipation.”

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