“My Life Is Threaten”

Foday Donzo

-Says Fofana
After fourteen years of civil war in Liberia, the brutal and violent war, the bestial war, are still felt in several part of the country, especially in Nimba County where an endless land dispute between Mandingoes on one hand and Gios and Manos on the other hand has become very worrisome for both sides.
One of the victims of the land dispute in Nimba especially in Ganta, is Mr. Foday Fofana a petroleum and rice dealer, who father was kill by the NPFL Rebel headed by Charles Taylor during the brutal civil war in Liberia. After the war, Mr. Fofana life was threaten by the death squad operated by former rebel general Prince Johnson, that if he step on his father Nine Hundreds Acres land in Ganta he will not live to tell the story.
Speaking to this paper, Fofana said “the death squad is dominated by the Gio and Mano ethnic groups both of whom are locked in disputes over land ownership in Nimba County with the Mandingoe ethnic group”. My parent has had long running land disputes with the Johnson family over two decades”.
“In 2010, I reopened the case because my parents did not have the political well and strength to confront the land issues”, Fofana said
According Fofana on November 23, 2010 he was attack by arm man, “it was around 9:00pm on November 23, 2010 on my way from my gas station when a black plateless Cherokee Jeep droved side by side by my car, right opposite the driver side of the car I was driving, the Cherokee driver covered with a face mask, in about a minute the driver fired six bullets round at my car as he speed his car away, I escape the scene and when home” Fofana added.
According to Fofana, one of his child wood friends, John Teah, went to him and informed him that, “my man you have to leave the town the Johnson’s family has paid people to kill you; I will help you escape the town”.
Fofana explain that his friend John carries him to his house and hides him under the bed and later disguises him in the night and escape with him until enter Monrovia.
According to Fofana, on February 20, 2011, “a man dressed in military uniforms knock at our door at about1:00am, one of the tenants asked who is at the door, a voice replied CID (Central Intelligence Division), when the main door was opened, there was an abysmal silence, my wife and I were still awake and we heard the tenant called his name Sheikh Swaray and then I heard where is Foday?, and Sheikh said Foday is not here now, at that point I started wearing my pants, took my phone and told my wife to stay, and I escaped through the window and ran down heading to the Capitol Bypass community where I sought refuge with one of my friends”
Fofana now fear his life and he asking the government to help him protect him from the Johnson family, the where about of Fofana now is unknown after the interview of this paper.
It can be record that some years ago; President Ellen Sirleaf constituted a Special Commission to mediate in the persistent land disputes in Nimba. The commission has already submitted its report to the president, but said report has not yet been implanted, and that worries people of Nimba.

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