Original Congress Party of Liberia (OCPOL ) Launched

James K. Chelley

By Robert Dokie
While the call still persists that the number of political parties be reduced to bigger and stronger opposition blocks, new ones are born each time.
Over the weekend in Monrovia, Liberians gathered to partake in the official launching of yet another opposition political party known as the Original Congress Party of Liberia (OCPOL). The new party has announced former Montserrado County Junior Senator, James K. Chelley, as its political leader. James K. Chelley says he is now prepared and willing to accept and contest the presidency of Liberia, following more than nine months of consultations and petitions from elders, chiefs and cross-section of people of Liberia.
Mr. Chelley, political leader of the newly launched Original Congress Party of Liberia, OCPOL, urged Liberians to begin to consider him as the country’s next president.
In retrospect to his works in the 1980s when he worked as Montserrado Junior Senator, Mr. Chelley promised to economically and socially empower youths and marketers in Liberia, He used the occasion to call on all indigenous Liberians to join him in achieving his presidential dreams.
Earlier, the acting General Secretary of the party, Mr. Mamadee K. Kaba, read the party’s platform and said OCPOL’s philosophy shall be to listen well, hear more and talk less; but act decisively in accordance with laws.
As part of its philosophy, Mr. Kaba said OCPOL is “immersed in policies which secure an improved and wholesome standard of living for the people, by the people and of the people, policies that guarantee equality of all before the law, link obligations to promises, health, and education, social justice, agriculture, economic and free trade.”
He also noted that welding together Liberians in good faith with overwhelming confident and Godly courage, successive administration of the party to ensure the full security, improves the cordial working relationship with the international community and its implementing partners as well as the steady development of the country shall be a hallmark of the party’s agenda.
He named total reconciliation, genuine national peace and unity, social justice and respect for the rule of law as cornerstones of the Original Congress Party of Liberia (OCPOL).
According to him, the genesis is down rooted in the vital need to maintain good governance, provide rooms for equality for every class and preserve the good fabric of the cohesiveness and free enterprise.

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