Christian Convert Threaten By Muslim Relatives

Ansu Sumaila Konneh

-As He Escape Death
By Peter Doe
Reports reaching this paper says, a young Liberian hailing from a Muslim background and converted to Christianity , Ansu Sumaila Konneh, who relatives all Muslims, are said to be in hot pursuit of him and are threatening to eliminate him if fails to return to the religion of his ancestors.Konneh is a member of St. Anthony Parish Church in Monrovia, the Christian group of which the distressed youngster belongs, the change of faith which has now resulted into a serious problem between him and his brother, who is of Islamic faith. Accordingly his entire family turned against him and at a point tried to intimidate him into returning to the religion of his ancestors (Islam). But with his mind made up, he however withstood the pressure even when it reached a point at which the family threatened him with excommunication.
Mr. Konneh got converted into a Christian faith and where the news of his conversion into Christianity was discovered by his family members in Liberia.

One of his family members

Speaking in an interview with this paper Konneh in tears said their family are threatening to kill him if he don’t return to the Islamic faith a religion which his ancestors belong.
Konneh used the occasion to appeal to his family where so ever his is to remain in a religion of his choice

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