Another Ebola Death Recorded In Bomi

-As Medical Facilities Reopen In Tubmanburg
Bomi County Health Officer, Dr. Gabriel Logan, has reported another death from Ebola in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.
According to Dr. Logan,the latest victim is a female who died Monday, bringing to 46 the number of Ebola-related deaths in the county since the outbreak of the disease in the country in March.Dr. Logan recently told a local radio station that the woman was earlier this month suspected of contracting the virus and was being monitored at home by health workers, adding that she was then taken to an unknown destination by her relatives without the knowledge of health workers who had been checking on her periodically.
“However, they finally brought her back in a worse condition and she died this morning,” said Dr. Logan.
Meanwhile, all medical facilities in Tubmanburg have reopened, and nurses have returned to work following a month-long closure as a result of the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the county.
The Government Hospital, clinics and quarantine center opened Monday with doctors and nurses attending to patients with different ailments, apart from those with suspected and confirmed cases of Ebola, the Liberia News Agency (LINA) reports.
Dr. Gabriel Logan said they have already performed a number of unspecified successful surgeries since then, adding “there are other patients on the hospital wards waiting.”
He said there are Ebola patients at the hospital’s quarantine unit who will be transferred to the Ebola Treatment Center in Monrovia after final arrangements and preparations are made, adding that “there is no need for the staff of the hospital to be afraid to report to work.”
According to Dr. Logan, some of the challenges faced in the fight against the Ebola disease are that people are refusing to report cases of sick people in their communities and they do not want to cooperate with the tracing teams.
Dr. Logan said it will take some time to provide health education to community residents and eradicate the Ebola virus from the county, but noted that “we will overcome.”

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