Amb. Wesseh Joins Anti-Ebola War

Ambassador Conmany Wesseh

-Makes Immense Contribution To River Gee
As the war against world’s latest lethal Ebola virus intensifies across Liberia, every true citizen of the soil, irrespective of status, has joined the medical battle in an effort to save precious lives by preventing further spread of the deadly virus in other parts of the country.
Amongst prominent citizens who have been passionately attracted to the anti-Ebola fight is, Liberia’s Minister of State without Portfolio, Ambassador Conmany Wesseh, son of River Gee County, Southeastern Liberia.Although while the war is being fought with lip-service in some context by some authorities, Amb. Wessh, has made what is being described as a significant move without waiting for what the National Ebola Taskforce would do for the people of River Gee.
Perhaps, considering the health risk the deadly virus poses to human existence, as evident in other communities where the virus has already claimed lives, Amb. Wesseh in his ‘widow’s might’ recently provided several assorted anti-Ebola items, including buckets, sanitizers, and fuel oil amongst others to River Gee County valued at about over five hundred thousand Liberian dollars (L$500,000.00) to enable people in the county take preventive measures against the deadly virus.
Addressing newsmen at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) shortly before his departure for the United States of America, Amb. Wesseh said, he was sadden to see lives been taken away as a result of the raging deadly virus.
He called on all Liberians, including the people of River Gee to stop doubting the Ebola pandemic, adding that “Ebola is real and kills,” as such, he said, every effort should be made to fight the deadly Ebola virus out of Liberia.
In the same vein Amb. Wesseh, who has declared his intention to contest the pending senatorial race in the country, has appealed to other aspirants from River Gee to join the fight against the fatal disease.
He urged his compatriots, especially those who are seeking to represent the people at the Senate to prove their love for the people in these times of national crisis, adding that gone at the days when people are expected to be elected without reciprocating the people’s kindness.
The Minister said, beneficiaries of the donated Items would include ordinary people who cannot afford anti Ebola materials; the county joint security team, the County health taskforce team and Radio Gee, to keep the fight on against the deadly Ebola virus.
Amb. Wesseh indicated that while the virus has not reached the county, it was important to take every maximum precaution by adhering to health tips from health authorities in the country to fight the deadly virus.
He noted that River Gee is a forest belt county with varieties of spices, where according to him, the prohibited animals , including monkeys and bats are inhabited, although citizens in the area are accustomed to eaten them, especially monkies.
The Minister has however called on his people to change their approach in the consumption of monkey meat and to prevent the spreading of the deadly Ebola virus.
Meanwhile, Min. wesseh has commended all those who are making effort to fight the spread of the deadly Ebola virus and urge all aspirants in special senatorial elections to help combat the deadly virus in their various constituencies.
He left Liberia on August 20, 2014 on government mission to mobilize financial and material resources from the Liberian Diaspora to help implement the action plan to fight the deadly Ebola virus. Amongst items donated by Amb Wesseh,

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