Court To Nullify 60 Year Lease Agreement If…

-As Two Parties Locked In Legal Battle
A 60 year lease agreement between a Lebanese businessman, Mounib K. Saab, and the late Kobina Atteh, owner of an inter-estate in the Township of Gardnersville, could be nullified by the Civil Law Court of Montesrrado County if Respondent, represented by Madam Angie Saah fails to convince the court why it should not honor Petitioner’s request for cancellation.The owner of the property, represented by his son, Solomon Atteh, has asked the court to enter a degree of cancellation in his favor, thereby declaring the lease agreement “null and void, abi nitio” and have the Respondent ejected, evicted, ousted and removed from the property with cost against the Respondent.
According to the court’s document, since the agreement was signed in the late 80s, Mr. Saah (late) was to paying for only (5) years and owes the property owner 22 years, covering the period, 1992-2014.
The petitioner in his complaint to the civil court said, Mr. Saah owes him twenty-six thousand United States dollars (26,000.00) for 22 years, an amount that is yet to be settled.
According to the administrator’s son, frantic efforts to convince Mr. Saah to sit and discuss about his Father’s property, proved fruitless, which led him with no alternative but to seek legal redress.

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