‘2014’ Ritual Killing In Sinoe County

-Sen. Nyenpan Linked
The Public Agenda Newspaper has launched an intensive investigation into the mysterious disappearance of one Wilalex P. Johnson, a resident of Barnesville estate Monrovia who was reportedly taken to Sinoe County by Senator Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan during the 2014 voters’ roll update to register in the County and vote for him.According to information gathered, since March 2014, the victim who formed part of those taken into the county by Sen. Nyenpan for the voters’ roll update exercise in yet to be seen anywhere in the country dispute effort by family members.
The Ministry of Justice has already been alerted by family members, according to our sources since October 22, 2014 through Acting Justice Minister, Cllr. Benedict F. Sannoh
Mysterious disappearance of people during elections times in Liberia has sparked fear amongst family members prompting them to engage the Ministry of Justice.
In their complaint to the Justice Ministry and the Liberia National Police, family members of the missing Wilalex P. Johnson alleged that in the month of March 2014, Senator Nyenpan without any knowledge and reference in the family, allegedly took away their son and nephew to Sinoe County for the voters’ roll update and since then, they have not received any information from the Senator.
According to sources closed to the family while, eagerly awaiting the return of their son, information from Sinoe County confirmed that Johnson was allegedly killed by an unknown person.
However, when the Senator was contacted for comment on Friday, he denied ever hearing about the incident or about any ongoing investigation into the matter.
Although he admitted helping some group of people who expressed interest to go to Sinoe County for the voters’ roll update, he denied knowledge of the missing Johnson. He said there were some people whose trip he facilitated during the period to Sinoe.
According to Sen. Nyenpan, it was only the Public Agenda Newspaper that has approached him on matter and wounded why at this time, perhaps insinuating that the issue could be politically motivated. But initial reports gathered by the Paper, prove the Senator otherwise.
Our sources established that the Sinoe County Senator was approached on the matter by other media outlets and gave another side of the story.
On the 28, of July 2014, our source added that the Ministry of Justice ordered its investigation Division in collaboration with the county’s police detachment to launch a full scale investigation in effort to authenticate the Johnson family complaint.
It was established that indeed having checked the National Elections Commission (NEC), it has discovered that “yes” Wilalex P. Johnson was seen in Sinoe County and did register at Karmon Town’s.
According to report, the legislature immunities enjoyed by the accused Senator, particularly when both houses are in section the investigation found it difficult to reach and subject him to the investigation.
The crime under probe is a first degree felony, if culpable evidence is established the accused, according legal experts would be stripped of those immunities enjoyed under the constitution.
Meanwhile, investigation continues in our subsequent edition

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