Additional Appointments In Government

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made additional appointments in government especially affecting the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs and Local Government structures.
According to an Executive Mansion release, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate, where applicable.They include:
Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs
Mr. Sylvester Grigsby – Minister of State Without Portfolio
Ministry of Labor
Mr. J. Levi Demmah – Deputy Minister for Human Resource and
Ministry of Youth and Sports
Mr. Teeko Yorlay – Assistant Minister for Youth Development

National Oil Company of Liberia
Mr. Peter Bonner Jallah – Member, Board of Directors

Temple of Justice
Madam Florence Weade Stemn-Wesley – Justice of the Peace & Notary Public

Local Government Appointments
River Gee County
Mr. Philip T. Jah – Superintendent
Mr. Joseph D. Bohlen – Assistant Superintendent for Development

Gbarpolu County
Mr. Armah Sarnor – Superintendent
Mr. Paul M. Kimba – Assistant Superintendent for Development
Mr. Mulbah B. Manow – Commissioner, Belle District

Sinoe County
Mr. Roosevelt Quioh – Superintendent
Mr. Sneh Johnson – Assistant Supt for Development
Mr. Ransey Snoh – Township Commissioner, Du-Wolee Township

River Cess County
Mr. Matthew Daniels – Superintendent
Ms. Ruth Sawmadal – Assistant Superintendent for Development

Maryland County
Mrs. Betsy Toe Kouh – Superintendent
Mr. George Prowd – City Mayor, Harper City
Madam Noria G. Sieh – Commissioner, Yederobo Administrative District Karluway Statutory District

Nimba County
Mr. Dor Cooper – Assistant Superintendent for Development
Mr. Ben Tokpa – Mayor, Ganta City, Nimba County

Bomi County
Mr. Momo G. Siryon – Asst. Supt. for Development, Suehn Mecca District

Grand Kru County
Mr. Abraham Gray – District Commissioner, Barclayville District

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