Fear For Life

-EX-Combatants Threaten Police Officer Life
The advocacy against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has suffered severe setback as a result of traditional people’s resistance to change. Due to cultural beliefs and norms traditional people continue to show attitudes of unwillingness and rebellion towards what they term as ‘abandoning their several-centuries-old inheritance.’Reports also shows that the campaign against Gender-Based Violence (SGVB), on women and children that appears to be suffering similar hindrances in a country that is significantly patriarchal; where men are men and always right.
Information gathered by this paper revealed that, officer of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Mr. Eratus Geedeh Zangbah life had been threaten by an ex-combatants who took part in the Liberia Civil War.
According to eyewitness, on Friday, November 21 2014, while on official duty in the city of Monrovia, officer Zangbah was attacked, beaten and tortured at the point of death by ex-combatants and was taken to the Redemption hospital by some goodwill citizens.
The ex-combatants are said to have been involved into human trafficking and sexual exploitation of female and believed to be supported by some senior officials of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Government
Meanwhile, report available to this paper says Eratus Geedeh Zangbah officer of the Liberia National Police (LNP), is currently undergoing medical treatment at the Redemption Hospital had expressed fear for his life Because of perpetrators are being supported by officials of the Ellen Johnson administration.
According to the report, Mr. Eratus Geedeh Zangbah, is senior investigator on gender based violence, sexual exploitation and abused and other forms of violence against women. Due to his stance and independent in his investigative reports on violence against women, fears that he could be targeted by ex-combatants.

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