Angry Anti Gay Movement Attacks Korlleh Residence

-Fear For His Life
By Lusine Fofana
As the Nobel peace prize winner and president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has defended a law that criminalises homosexual acts, saying: “We like ourselves just the way we are.”
And also in February 2012, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, the former wife of former president Charles Taylor, introduced legislation that would make same-sex sexual relations a first degree felony with a maximum punishment of death. A similar bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by Clarence K. Massaquoi in early February 2012 except that the offense would be a second degree felony.The advocacy against FGM has suffered severer glitches with traditional people resisting change; expressing their unwillingness and rebellion towards ‘abandoning their several-centuries-old inheritance.’
At the same time, the campaign against women and children SGVB appears to be suffering similar hindrances in a country that is significantly patriarchal; where men are men and always right.
Worst of the resistance has come over the group’s advocacy for the rights of gay people, which a greater portion of the Liberian society considers an abomination.
Gay rights advocacy, which many describe as a Western culture, has become a major issue of discussion in recent times with citizens of different religious faiths expressing anger and resistance towards it on various radio and television station and newspaper.

Meanwhile, report available to this paper says a prominent SGBV, FGM & Gay Rights activist in QuarduGboni, Lofa county, Mr. Smith Fofee Korlleh residence was attack by angry anti gay movement and he is on the run fear for his life.

According to our reporter Mr Korlleh had been a long time outstanding advocate. In 2012 an eyes witness confirmed that he organized group of people to demonstrate against people who stand up against his idea when he visited the people of QuarduGboni to assess the living conditions of his people, especially the rural area concerning SGBV, FGM & Gay Rights.

Another community resident by the name of John kollie explain to our reporter that, when Mr. Korlleh started his new assignment as QuarduGboni farmers cooperative chief Accountant with QGFCS in 2013, he was doing the same advocacy.

According our reporter, Mr. Korlleh escapes when the news breakout that Korpoh Kamara in Kornia, Zorzor District was killed which cause massive outbreak of violence in Kornia and Voinjama between the Lorma and the Mandingoes tribes.

According to him, Mr. Korlleh, a Senior Coordinator of the group, fears that he could be targeted by same angry traditional people since he remains one of the popular and a vocal member in the advocacy.

There also appears to be serious complications within his own family who also resist his participation in such advocacy. His family, predominantly Muslims and traditional people, believe their son is a disappointment to culture and tradition.

When contacted the family of Mr. Korlleh to know his whereabouts, no one availed to our news line, because of fear of associating with him, now the whereabouts of Mr. Korlleh is unknown.

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