Deputy Gender Minister Honored

Deputy Minister of Gender, Mrs. Siene A. Baki

-Recognized For Commitment
Deputy Minister of Gender, Mrs. Siene A. Baki has been recognized and showered with acclamations by a group of Liberian youths under the banner, Liberian Youth Initiative, (LYI) for what the young people described as her commitment to national duty since she came to public service few years back.
LYI’s Executive Director, Hillary Gardner declared that Madam Baki deserves the highest esteem of the organization for what he described as the honoree’s “dedicated public service” over the years.Mr. Gardner openly confessed that Madam Baki was amongst several young women assigned at various ministries and agencies whose performances were carefully being monitored under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s regime in the last few years, adding that it time to give recognition to one of the country’s youngest outstanding female public servant.
“Today, we are awarding you the highest honor of the Liberian Youth Initiative (LYI) for your dedicated services to the Liberian people. We carefully monitored your activities since you came to public service, particularly at the Ministry of Gender & Development. You brought to the entity a mode of discipline which is worthy to be replicated by other young women in Liberia. We are therefore proud to recognize you at this time,” the young people declared through their Executive Director.
Madam Baki has been in the Ministry since 2009 up to present. She initially headed the Senior Executive Service (SES), a department at the Ministry as program officer while at the same time serving as Special Assistant to the Minister Proper.
Her outstanding performance in these assignments prompted her bosses to recommend her to Pres. Sirleaf for possible appointment as Deputy Gender Minister, a position she currently holds and is reportedly performing exceptionally.
However, in response, Madam Baki accepted the admiration and assured the organization that the honor bestowed on her, would be used as a motivational impetus to go beyond the call of duty and do more for the Liberian people.
She also thanked her bosses at the Ministry and Pres. Sirleaf who provided her opportunity to her serve country in such a ministerial capacity at these critical periods.
Meanwhile, Madam Baki also dedicated the honor to Pres. Sirleaf; Gender and Development Minister, Julia Duncan Cassell; her family and young Liberian women who are striving for excellence.

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