We Are Troubled!!

Representative, Larry Younquoi

-Rep. Younquoi Speaks On Global Witness’ Report
By A. Omaska Mark
Nimba County District #8 Representative, Larry Younquoi, has added his voice by making an initial public comment on the recently released damaging Global Witness’ report in which top officials (former and current) of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime, including some members of the National Legislature were indicted for the sin of corruption.
In a very clear term, the Nimba County Legislator detested the act of corruption in Liberia, adding that the Global Witness’ report which impeaches some of his colleagues, was much more troubling to the state.
“If key government officials can get involved in dubious activity as such, the country is heading for trouble”, Rep. Younquoi declared.According to him, the report is unprecedented and much troubling in the fight against corruption in Liberia, saying, there has never been a situation where huge number of people highly placed in government were accused of being corrupt at the same time.
The lawmaker, perhaps, to salvage the image of the country, recommended that it would be prudent and magnanimous for the accused to resign and submit to probe, which he sees as the best way possible in any civilized society.
“Like other countries, people who are accused can give way until investigation is conducted; that is the honorable thing to do. The credibility of the country is eroding; that’s the best thing that anybody can do for his country.”
Those indicted by the Global Witness, a reputable UK-based anti-corruption watchdog group include, House Speaker Alex Tyler, Rep. Henry Fahnbulleh and Sen. Varney Sherman, Party Chair of the ruling Unity Party who has been identified by the Witness as the conduit through whom the alleged bribes were paid to the accused at the time he was providing legal services to Sable Mining, a South African mining Company headed by British businessmen, Phil Edmonds and Andrew Groves.
Others are Sen. Morris Saytumah and the controversial ‘Bigboy 1 & 2’, whose identities still remains a mystery for reportedly receiving huge sum of money in bribes to tamper with Liberian concession law in favor of Sable Mining. The report says, Cllr. Sherman, Chair of the ruling Unity Party made the suggestion to the company and got the money which he allegedly distributed, including sum of US$950,000.00 to dubiously, criminally and illegally change the concession laws of Liberia to award the Wologizi ore deposit in Lofa County to Sable Mining.
Cllr. Sherman and Speaker Tyler have snubbed a presidential panel established to probe the allegation, announcing their determination not to appear before the Fonati Koffa-led Taskforce, although public pressure is mounting to compare them to resign their posts and appear for questioning.
In another development, Rep. Younquoi has denied report that he is in support of proposition 24 of the CRC report that is calling for Christianizing Liberia, “I don’t have a side. I am not supporting anybody and anything, taking into consideration my position.”
Rep. Younquoi chairs the House’s committee on Good Governance and is clothed with the responsibility to review the reports from the CRC and report findings to Plenary.
In an exclusive interview, the lawmaker disclosed that the committee is a 21-member committee, and noted that “there is no way that I can say no or yes to the committee’s work. If, even I convince committee’s members, I may not have the power to defeat the 73 members of the House of Representatives and the 30 members of the Liberian Senate. But whatever the Legislature will agree upon, is what will go for the referendum.”
He indicated that besides proposition 24, there were lots of things the committee was taking into consideration, including land rights, disables’ right, decentralization and the reduction of political parties, among others.

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