Woman And Boyfriend Beaten For Rescuing A Christian


Monique Kamara and her boy friend Papa with Bleeding head

A lady in her early 30’s Madam Monique Kamara and her boy friend Papa has been beaten severely by a family of Ali Fofana who converted from an Islamic faith to Christianity.
Ali got converted to Christianity through a lady call Marie Chantal Sagno who he was in loving relationship with in Guinea.Ali Fofana who is currently out of the Country was force to returned to Liberia from the Republic of Guinea due to constant harassment and intimidation from his family members who are said to be too angry with him for converting from Islamic faith to Christianity.
Islam in Liberia is being practiced by an estimated 12.2 percent of the population. The vast majority of Liberian Muslims are Mandingo, Vai.
Speaking in an interview today with this paper, Madam Monique Kamara who was in tears lamented that she met Ali at a local clinic Monrovia where she has gone to visit one of her friends who was hospitalized at that same clinic .
According to her ,Ali told her that he was beaten by his family and was threaten to be kill by them for converting to Christianity adding that it was at this point that she took the initiative to help cater to him
She indicated that following his treatment Ali departed the country to Ghana for safety
Speaking further, Madam Kamara stressed that Ali Fofana shortly stay at her house to undergo his medical treatment before his departure from the country.
But, when Ali family in Liberia got in know that he was being help by Monique, they went to her house and beat she and boy friend severely for helping their son.
She explained that when Ali came to Liberia his family beat him and threaten to kill him for joining Christianity thou Liberian constitution gives right to everyone to practice any religion of their choose .
Madam Monique Kamara who claimed to be living in fear disclosed that she complaint to the Liberia National Police on many occasion but they have not giving any attention.
‘I am compelled to come to the Media because the Liberia National Police don’t want to look in to my case.” She said
According to her she has being knowing Ali for a long time and wonder why his family could beat on her for helping him.
“Is it bad to help someone who is in need of help most especially some body that you have being knowing for a long time? ‘ she ask.

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