UPP Disagrees With LP, ALP

-Rejects Elections Rerun
By Anthony Selmah
The opposition United People’s Party (UPP) has rejected calls from two opposition parties, including the Liberty Party (LP) and the All Liberian Party (ALP) for a rerun of the just ended October 10, 2017 presidential and legislative polls.
The two parties have cited fraud and gross irregularities during the Tuesday polls as they accused the National Elections Commission (NEC) of handling the elections poorly at their disadvantage.
Liberty Party is threatening a mass protest action and a legal battle to compare NEC to adhere to its demand while the ALP has filed a formal complaint to the National Electoral Body citing fraud and irregularities on the party of NEC.NEC Chair, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya has already taken responsibility for the poor performance of polling staff on Election Day.
Local and International observers also took note of the irregularities on the day of the elections; but according to some election observers, the irregularities were not unique to a particular political party let alone the LP and the ALP.
However, addressing reporters in Monrovia Tuesday, October 17, 2017, UPP’s National Chair, T.Q. Harris has announced his party’s position on the call for the rerun of the October polls.
According to Mr. Harris, the demand from the two aggrieved parties to rerun the elections is not in good faith and untimely; the UPP earlier called for the deferment of the elections weeks prior to polling day on the basis of irregularities that characterized the voter and civic education exercises, the UPP was ignored the opposition parties.
Mr. Harris told reporters that on Election Day, the UPP observed lot of irregularities and reportedly informed NEC, the media and the international community but the party was not given attention since everyone, according to him, was concerned about victory.
He called on the aggrieved parties to abandon their quest at this stage of the political process and allow the new administration to have a safe landing after the possible runoff that is anticipated.
The UPP National Chairman also called for a united front to defeat the ruling establishment to introduce the change they echoed during the campaign period; this admonishment, according to him, is to put the interest of the country above personal interest.
Meanwhile, UPP has subscribed to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s generational change crusade and called on the older politicians to give the younger or political breed the opportunity to move the mother land forward.
He totally disagreed with the call for election rerun, given Liberia’s economic strength; Mr. Harris reaffirmed the party’s commitment its original code values and called on young people to remain peaceful during the course of the election period.
According to him, the UPP will not be a spectator during the runoff presidential election, adding that the party would support a candidate in the final battle.

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