We Are Watching The Oppositions!

FROM ALL INDICATIONS, IT IS certain that two political parties, including the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the ruling Unity Party (UP) are poised to participate in a runoff in an effort to conclude the October 10, 2017 presidential and legislative elections.
PROVISIONAL RESULTS RELEASED by the National Elections Commission (NEC) after the Tuesday, October 10, 2017 polls, put the opposition CDC in the lead far ahead of the ruling Unity Party.
BOTH PARTIES FAILED to acquire 50 plus 1% votes as required by the country’s elections law during the October polls; this has prompted an imminent runoff between the CDC and the UP.IT IS REPORTED THAT intense negotiations are ongoing from both sides ahead of a possible runoff elections to win support from the rest of the 18 candidates who did not reach the benchmark.
BUT WHAT IS UNCLEAR now is, whether the oppositions would join forces to unseat the ruling Unity Party headed by Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai or would disappoint a fellow opposition CDC to maintain the governing UP in power and award it another one or two terms.
THE UNITY PARTY CAME to power controversially in 2005 and managed to get another 6- year term in 2011 against the CDC; the Party is under extreme pressure to relinquish power for dismal performance in the last 12 years as confirmed by its Standard Bearer, VP Boakai who admitted that the regime squandered opportunities.
19 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES, including independent contested the October political battle against the ruling party which failed to win a one round victory as predicted by party executives and their Standard Bearer, incumbent Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai.
ALL THE 19 CANDIDATES efficiently campaigned against the ruling party with a clear message, “change” as they vehemently rejected the continuity slogan of the ruing UP that is seeking an uninterrupted third term.
NOW, THE POLITICAL battle line is drawn and very clear between a member of the opposition group and the ruling party for a possible runoff.
AS NEGOTIATIONS INTENSIFY behind closed doors, it is uncertain which way some of the oppositions group would go; whether the UP way or the opposition CDC way.
THIS IS WHY WE are closely watching members of the opposition whose campaign messages “for change” are still fresh in the memory of the electorate, particularly when all of them rejected the idea of political continuity with the ruling UP and opted for change.
THE DECISION THEY would make ahead of the possible runoff would determine who they really are and their truth motives; whether they are selfish, sincere or envious politicians.
This is why we are closely watching them.

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