MHGS Condemn Attack On FGM Campaigner Mohammed Z Fofana

Mohammed Z Fofana

The Monrovia Hub, Global Shaper (MHGS) Community, World Economic Forum with dismay, condemns the brutal attack and torture on one of their members and FGM Campaigner Mohammed Z Fofana by Sande’s male counterpart, Poro. This sad incident happened on October 19, 2017 after Mr. Fofana had spoken his opinion on the practices of FGM in Liberia from a recorded video exposing their acts and rituals. According to the press release Signed by the National Secretariat of Monrovia Hub Global Shaper Community World Economic Forum, the attack and torture on their member is an attack on free speech which is a violation of Article 17 Fundamental rights chapter 3 of the Liberian constitution; and also a violation of the United Nations Convention on the right to free speech. It is with heartbreak that up to date, the living body of Mr. Fofana is yet unknown, as his objective opinion has attracted public attention and death threats on his life by sande and poro society members.
The conspicuous silence of National Government to take appropriate actions against traditional society members (Sande/poro) for attack on Journalists and activists is indirectly facilitating more attacks, torture and death threats on activists and journalists like the cases of activist Rebecca Dennis, Journalist Mae Azango and today, it is activist Mohammed Z Fofana. The question is who next? And the answer could mean anybody.
Again, we call on the Government of Liberia and the international community to expeditiously intervene on this matter as the whereabouts of FGM Campaigner/ activist Mr Mohammed Z. Fofana is unknown. And this is unacceptable and must be condemned without any hesitations in our quest for a peaceful and democratic society.
The Monrovia Hub Global Shapers, World Economic Forum is an auxiliary of the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland which is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

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