Bea Mountain Under Pressure

-Residents Want New Clinic Open
Residents in Kinjor are reportedly pressurizing the Management of Bea Mountain Mining Company(BMMC) to openand begin the operation of the new Kinjor Village Clinic; the aggrieved community members have expressed frustration over delay on the part of management to open the medical facilities to the public since the completion of the clinic few months ago. Following the completion of the clinic, the management of BMMC requested Dr. Jimi Brewer,Grand Cape Mount County Health officer to inspect the facilities but the clinic is yet to be turned over to Liberian Government.
Dr. Brewer confirmed in his report to Health Minister, Dr. Dahnthat the clinic was 99 percent complete for use.
Prompted by the densely populationof Kinjor, Larjor and surrounding communities and the pressurefrom residents, BMMC’s Public Relation Manager, Sando Wayne, in July this year, wrote to the Ministry of Health to urgently openthe clinic for operation to avoid confrontation between the communities andcompany since there is no nearby medical center to address the health needs of the people.
However, the management is calling on the Ministry of Health through Grand Mount County health Team to speedily open the clinic for operation.
Kinjor and Larjor villages comprise 325 households with a combine population of about 2,077; they are expected to move into their new housing units which are nearing completion and scheduled to be turned over by December.
As part of the new housing units constructed by Bea Mountain Mining Corporation in line with agreement reached between affected communities through the Government of Liberia and company, the clinic was constructed.
Prior the construction of the new housing units, a negotiated agreement for land acquisition and livelihood restoration was finalized in October 2013 in a resettlement Action Plan which was accepted by the Government of Liberia.
The resettled households were individually compensated by BMMC with tree crops and other non-moveable assets in the mine footprint within 500 meters blasting zone.
In addition to allowances, each household received benefits in the form of temporary housing and assurances of the construction of improved and modern permanent housing units on 50 acres of land purchased by BMMC from the Darblo Clan in 2014.
Facility such as schools, health clinic, mosque, church, market, town hall and basic services, including toilets and borehole hand pumps were provided after moving to new Kinjor in 2013; BMMC has also committed to formalizing obligations to provide support for livelihood developments until these targets are achieved for all affected households.
To help the affected family reached this target, a variety of in-kind support were provided to them in form of agriculture inputs, elders’ gratuities, organizational support and skills training amongst others.

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