Farhat Rejects Election Rerun

By Anthony Selmah
Former Finance Minister, David M. Farhat, has rejected the idea of rerunning the 2017 presidential and legislative elections; Farhatsaid, he sees no convincing reason while people should call for rerun of the just ended October 10, 2017 elections.According to the former Finance Minister, Liberia does not have the funding to rerun the entire electoral process and, perhaps the International Community would not agree to waste other taxpayers’ money on Liberia in this manner and form. He spoke to reporters recently at his University of Liberia office on Capitol Hill.
The comments of the former official of Government are in reaction to demand of the opposition Liberty Party and its ally political parties whose claim of electoral fraud is keeping the nation hostage politically prompting increasing hardship on the Liberian people.
Following the announcement of the first round of the poll results, the opposition Liberty Party took the nation by surprise claiming fraud and irregularities; although the party did not reach the second place according to the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) official report.
Since then, it is difficult for anyone to immediately guess whether or not there would a runoff, rerun or the establishment of an interim administration after the end of the current regime; contending parties are using the law to sabotage the democratic process and have been running between the NEC and the Supreme Court.
However, Farhat has called on all contending or aggrieved parties to abandon their crusade in the interest of peace and security so as to complete the ongoing democratic and political journey.
Meanwhile, the former Minister has challenged young people to remain peaceful during these critical periods of the nation’s democratic struggle, adding that there is not space for space for violence in Liberia now.

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