Coca-Cola Introduces New Initiative

-Eases Burden For Event Organizers
As part of its efforts to revolutionize service delivery in a customer and consumer-friendly approach, the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company (LCCBC) has introduced a latest initiative intended to alleviate stress organizers of events go through to have a successful result.Launching the web-based exercise called “” Friday in Monrovia, an executive of Coca-Cola Liberia, Kwadwo Appiah disclosed that it was carefully designed to serve consumers and other customers in Liberia.
According to Mr. Appiah, the home-grown initiative was the first of its kind developed in the country by LBCCBC through its IT specialists to serve organizers of events, including wedding, graduation, funerals as well as any other ceremony that brings people together.
Mr. Appiah noted that although the LCCBC has been providing quality service delivery to customers and consumers through supermarkets, distributors and other means, there was a major gap in serving events which the latest “” seeks to address in an effort to ease the burden associated with renting chairs and other items for an occasion.
“So we have developed this exercise to ensure that people are able to buy our products and have a unique service without necessarily walking to our facilities or distributors to have the services they need.”
The newest exercise provides an opportunity for a one-shot which would make your event impressive; it requires that you buy certain quantity of Coca-Cola products by booking for your event by visiting “” where there are available packages to suit the kind of occasion and targeted audience.
Buying certain quantity of products would also provide you an opportunity to access a number of items, including chairs, tables, coolers, umbrellas, ice chests and trays, amongst for the occasion to cease the stress of renting them from any other place, although the items would be returned to Coca-Cola after the event in a timely manner as per the booking schedule.
Under the new program, LCCBC would take the initiative to transport the materials to the location of the events for minimum service charges between 15%-20% of the products purchased online. The 15 or 20% is intended to recover any damage to the items.
It is required that you book for your event a week ahead to allow the LCCBC properly prepare to deliver the items in a timely manner.
The head designer of the newest program, David Mayson said, to book for an event, one has to visit and there would be an opportunity to select any of the packages, including Bronze which costs US$250.00; Cold which costs US$400.00 and Platinum at the cost of US$600.00; all these packages have number of items, including chairs, tables, coolers, umbrellas, ice chests and trays amongst others for the occasion to cease the stress of renting them from any other place but would only be at your disposal when you buy products of the LCCBC.
Both Mr. Appiha and Mayson confirmed that the latest exercise would focus in three locations for now, including Monrovia, Kakata and Harbel until in the future to be extended to other locations across the country.
Meanwhile, the management is encouraging event organizers to take advantage of the newest exercise and enjoy the comfort associated with it.

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