Intellectual Ploy Exhumed

-CDC’s Weah Targeted
An internet expert who has been closely following increasing attacks on the verbal intellectual capacity of the charismatic leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has managed to share some information with the Public Agenda Newspaper which he claims are intellectual ploys designed through the internet to misrepresent the speeches of Ambassador, George MannehWeah, Senator of Montserrado County with the hope to dissuade supporters ahead of the runoff election. “As Liberians are praying day and night, crying to God to prevail on political vultures who have been hijacking the system to succumb, a new spree of political games intended to set aside all fairness is being prepared to once again try to confuse the electorate. Some politicians, who seem not to see their way through, in good faith, are planning to use modern technology to make the right wrong”, CheajuChea said in his piece dispatched to the Public Agenda Tuesday.
According to Cheaju who preferred to be called in that fashion, “for about 60 days now, some group of people with engineering and internet skills have been hired to go on the internet and get speeches of the CDC strongman and replace every “is” in those speeches with “are” and remove the “is” from everywhere it is placed.
Cheaju claimed that he managed to come in contact with one of the hired young fellows whom he alleged was boasting about the “voice alteration campaign” against the Standard Bearer of the tripartite Coalition. “He promised to make sure he gets enough productions per day to make enough money out of the anti-Weah campaign. That’s the game. Can you imagine that we are getting 10 US dollars per production? We will make the money,” the alleged anti-Weah speech alteration campaigner is quoted as saying.
He accused one Ben Urey as one of the instigators of the campaign. “It is Urey who is giving us the money. He asked us to have enough productions that will be given to some radio stations for airing.” One of the youths, who was reportedly hired to execute the intellectual ploy was quoted as saying, perhaps without knowing whom he was talking to.
“One may ask why these people can’t just let the political battle begin instead of delaying the process. This simply means that the blubbering made by the political parties in the name of imaginary irregularities or frauds is meant to buy time in order to plan games aimed at confusing the electorate,” Cheaju quoted the alleged anti-CDC Weah hired fellow.
Cheaju, however believes that this game is however a clear indication that indeed, those who are bent on dragging the political process in the court have apparently exhausted their political arsenal and have nothing left but a display of bad faith.
“The heads of UN missions in West Africa have just ended a high level meeting in Monrovia where they similarly called on politicians to do things in good faith. The heads of missions expressed hope that the electoral process would be concluded expeditiously, stressing that legal challenge should be legitimate and in good faith,” Cheaju quotes a recent communique issued by heads of UN missions in West Africa on the political stalemate in Liberia.
He noted that “all these calls seem to be falling in deaf ears. Our political vultures keep hovering over the masses that are gradually going deep into the rut, striving to make ends’ meet as prices are climbing higher because of the unending political stalemate.”
However, Cheaju who failed to state clearly where he stands in the ongoing debate added that patriotism is the ideology of attachment to a homeland. “To be a good leader, you have to be a true patriot. A true patriot seeks the interest of the nation instead of looking for imaginary verb and subject disagreement while keeping an entire nation hostage in the court. Why can’t these politicians do due diligence by fighting a just fight,”he asked in a rhetorical fashion.
Meanwhile, he asserted that these people, who have not been able to find anything else on their opponent but fabricated grammatical errors, are themselves on the daily basis drawn in pleonasm as they claim to have vocabulary under their control. “Once more, a true leader, a good leader, a nation builder, is first of all a true patriotic citizen.”

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