CDC Upbeat About Liberia’s Future

-USA Chapter Expresses Optimism
-“Change For Hope” In Sight?
A group of partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) under the banner “CDC- USA Chapter” are very optimistic of the kind of Liberia many are yearning for; Liberia, a tiny West African Country with a population of less than 5 million is endowed with marketable natural resources as compared to other countries that are significantly making progress in infrastructure development ahead of the oldest African Independent Republic.
But As the Public Agenda Reports, a new breed of politicians, perhaps, who are also victims of abuse of state resources by few individuals at the disadvantage of the masses and the country, are reportedly invigorating themselves to make Liberia a better place during the era of a CDC led regime. Kulubozumo Zakama, CDC-USA Chair, has disclosed that Liberians should not worry about the future of the country; according to him, the CDC is fully prepared to radically embark national developments that would place the country on par with truly rapidly developing countries in and Africa and other parts of the world.
Speaking on behalf of the USA-based CDCians, Chairman Zakama who described the Standard Bearer of the Party, Montserrado County Senator, George M. Weah as a “readied character” told reporters in Monrovia over the weekend that Sen. Weah was primed of challenges that are undermining the growth of the country; in a rather optimistic deposition, Zakama declared that under a CDC led regime, the President in-waiting, Ambassador Weah will serve the country well and will meet expectation.
The CDC government, which he described as the “people’s government in waiting” will transmute the living standard of the ordinary Liberian and increase opportunities that would lead to rapid empowerment and massive developments across the country.
In an interview with journalists at CDC’s National Headquarters in Oldest Congo Town, outside Monrovia, the CDC-USA National Chairman, noted that Sen. Weah has demonstrated over the years his enthusiasm to provide outstanding leadership for the country, noting that “Amb. Weah is prepared to bring to bear those things that Liberians have cried for from time-to-time, and I just want to remind Liberians that this is their opportunity for Amb. Weah to serve.”
“Over the years, the CDC political leader and standard bearer, has demonstrated love for country and people by investing his money in Liberia without any form of connection and directive, thus making the CDC leader to be a true son and patriotic citizen of Liberia. For me, I think he’s the best person who’s in the best position to serve the Liberian nation, and I know and trust that he will do it with distinction if elected president of Liberia,” Zakama ahead of a runoff election between Sen. Weah and Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai of the ruling Unity Party (UP).
He added: “Sen. Weah will not be strange to the challenges that have long confronted the progress of the Liberian state as well as the individual achievement of the ordinary citizens of the country and as such, if elected, as President of Liberia, he will not allow Liberians and Liberia to remain in the state of backwardness.”
Zakama also praised the party’s manifesto as good for the people of Liberia. The party’s policy document, he noted, “will not be compromised by a CDC Government headed by Ambassador Weah.”
The CDC-USA leader also bragged that “there is nobody who understands the problems of Liberia and Liberians more than CDC Standard Bearer and as such, he will perform greatly to the expectation of Liberians and the partners of Liberia.”
Sen. Weah obtained more than 38% of the total valid votes cast on October 10, 2017, while incumbent Vice President, Boakai secured the second place with little over 28% of the total valid votes; 20 presidential candidates participated in the polls.
Although the outcomes of the elections were seriously challenged by legal protest from the Liberty Party and the Governing Unity Party, both of who have accused the National Elections Commission of conducting a fraudulent election, which they alleged were marred by gross irregularities, massive fraud and constitutional violations, including violations of the provisions of the election laws of Liberia, charges the NEC vehemently denied.
However, after more than one month legal wrangling, the Supreme Court finally ruled that allegation from the aggrieved parties were not sufficient to set aside results of the October polls and therefore lifted the stay order it placed on the runoff elections.
Meanwhile, amongst other things, Partisan Zakama highlighted issues of the Liberian economy, educational system, healthcare delivery, job creation, sustainable development and improved agricultural sector; these amongst other things would be given much attention under a CDC led regime, adding that opportunities that would be provided would not be squandered and the era of lip-service to national development would come to an end.
Observers believe if what the CDC party chair claims, is anything to go by, than the slogan “Change for Hope” will be fulfilled.

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