Alarming HIV Infection In Margibi

-Local Health Officials Panic
Reports from densely populated Margibi County appear to be heartbreaking as local health officials are raising deep concerns about the latest development.
The man who is heading Margibi County Health Team, Dr. Adolphus Yeah recently alarmed about what he described as “relatively high rate of HIV infection” in the county; although there are reports that two other counties, including Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties are also topping on the list of affected areas.According to Dr. Yeah’s account on a local radio station in Kakata, there are 43,000 people infected with HIV in Liberia, a situation which he clearly asserted needed to be tackled with a vigorous approach.
He revealed that Margibi has 9.5% of the country’s HIV population, adding that only about 465 of the people living with HIV in the county are aware of their status, with 377 of them on antiretroviral therapy.
“We have a huge task because, we have many other persons who are unknowingly infecting others because they might be positive and don’t know their status,” Dr. Yeah declared. “And if you know your status that you are positive, get on treatment to allow you live longer and if negative, we encourage you to stick to the rules and stay negative,” he warned.
The resident Medical Doctor confirmed that Margibi has a lot of densely populated and transient communities, including the Roberts International Airport area, Kakata, Firestone and Salala rubber plantations. Those areas, according to him, could contribute to diffusing thevirus.
Meanwhile, the County Health officer as he is referred to by title, unveiled that the county’s health team had begun an outreach through a team that conducts mobile voluntary testing and counseling in major communitiesincluding Kakata, Weala, Marshall, Duazohn, Harbel, Dolo Town, and Unification City.
However, TarrSackie, the chairperson of the HIV steering committee who is also referred as the county inspector, assured that the committee would help the county health team mobilize the communities to turn out for voluntary counseling and testing in a bid to have at least 50% of the residents of the county to know its status in 2018; Courtesy of the Bush Chicken.

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