State Coffer Bleeds

–Vampires OnThe Rampage
-US$ 400 Million Disappears
-Who Takes Responsibility? Ellen?
It is finally clear and undisputable that the regime of outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not only lose the war on corruption but most of its officials and perhaps, including the President herself benefited immensely from the systemic imperfection, the Public Agenda Reports.If reports from the circle of government and other sources are anything to go by, it is certain that the incoming regime under the administration of President-elect, Ambassador George Manneh Weah would inherit a broke government amid huge expectation from the masses who see a CDC –led government as an alternative for redemption from harsh economic policy and high unemployment endured under the outgoing administration in the last 12 years.
There are reports that the coffer of the state is bleeding by the day, losing millions of dollars in thin air while the masses are suffering.

Minister Boima Kamara

The latest heartbreaking news is the reported disappearance of US$400 million from Liberia between November and December 2017.
It is yet to be established how the money disappeared and who the possible culprits are; Finance and Development Planning Ministry and Central Bank authorities are yet to provide clear answers to the missing amount.
In the first half of the first term of the Sirelaf regime, former Auditor General, John Morlull, declared that the Sirelaf administration was three times more corrupt than the erstwhile Transitional Government from whom the current administration took over; Morlu’s comment was greeted with mixed reactions; there were those who claimed the statement was political but others believed in the auditor’s assertion and began to watch the performance of the regime along the way.
The performance of the Sirleaf regime was categorically characterized by endemic culture of corruption, although there were systems put in place to have prevented abuse of state resources, those systems were brushed aside.
In 2006, when Madam Sirleaf was inaugurated on the grounds of the Capitol Building, she assured Liberians and international partners that she would fight corruption, no matter where it exits or by whom it practiced; she then declared war on the menace and described it as it public enemy that must be fought head-on.
In her second term, she gave the corruption a new name (vampire) sucking the economic blood of the state.
In her last state of the Nation Address, the Liberian Leader agreed with critics and confessed that her administration lost the war on corruption and also failed to reconcile the country.

CBL Governor Milton Weeks

However, Human Rights Lawyer, Cllr. Dempster Brown is very vocal on the issue of the missing amount; he called on the authorities to provide explanation on how the money left state coffer in thin air.
Meanwhile, it is not clear whether Amb. Weah would develop the political will to bring to book those who committed and are still committing economic crimes against the state as is done in other countries.

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