Liberia’s Democracy Is Strengthened

-Says VP Taylor
By Miamunatu O. Kiazolu
Liberia’s first female Vice President Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor said, a root of Liberia’s nascent democracy is been consolidated and strengthened.
She noted that the onus is therefore on them, as elected leaders of the people, to ensure that the sustained peace Liberians have enjoyed over the last few years remains uninterrupted as basis for the enhancement of rapid economic growth and development.Speaking Tuesday at her office, the newly inaugurated Vice President stressed that with the election and its attendant euphoria, she challenged members of the Liberian Senate to do all with in their powers to do the people’s work with a renewed determination to transform, once and for all the life of the people.
“It is also my prayer that we will put aside all actions and attitudes which engender perception of adversity and rivalry amongst.” Vice President Taylor urged.
She told the senators whom she presides over as president that the job they are summoned to do is as sacred as it is demanding, adding, “We should thus allow no accommodation for distractions and pursuit of parochial interest.”
According to her in the constitutional discharge of their duties, it was abundantly imperative that they go extra miles as the upper house of the First Branch of the Government to be hope givers, pacesetters and innovators.
The VP pointed out that the challenge was even more glaring; noting the overwhelming evidence or reality that changing of the political guides at the helm of their national leadership has occasioned such dramatic soaring of the expectation of the people.
According to her, there is an ocean of unemployed youths; the unquenchable desire for economic and political empowerment of women and people wailing for emancipation and relief.
Speaking further, Mrs. Taylor indicated that it was therefore imperative that finished product from the citadel of republican democracy must go to strengthen Liberia’s democracy, reinforcing the hope and optimism of the people.

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