Reasons To Celebrate!

LIBERIA’S PRESIDENT, GEORGE MANNEH Weah is trying to avoid the common culture of empty political promises in Liberia in an effort to make the masses happy during his tenure.
DURING HIS INAUGURATION ON the 22nd of January 2018 at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Complex, Pres. Weah before a record crowd promised that policies of his administration would be pro-poor.A WEEK LATER, THE President delivered his first State of the Nation Address at the Joint Session of the National Legislature where he called for an end of the struggle the Liberian people have been subjected in decades.
HE SAID, “IN THE CAUSE of the people, the struggle must end.” He promised to take actions that would reduce or eradicate some of things that are causing hardship for the Liberia people, particularly ordinary citizens.
IT WAS STILL UNCLEAR WHETHER those promises were mere political promises as it has always been in Liberia under successive political regimes, including Weah’s immediate predecessor, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
PRES. WEAH WHO was overwhelmingly elected on the popular people’s mandate reaffirmed following his inauguration that the mandate was to change their lives; fight corruption and end their struggle.
THE COUNTRY GIANT, as he is affectionately called by admirers, Pres. Weah has announced plans to reduce price of rice which is the Nation’s staple and considered as a political commodity.
HISTORY OF THE STRUGGLE in Liberia is imperfect without the mention of “rice and rights.” In 1979, aggrieved Liberians took to the streets in Monrovia to challenge and protest attempt by the Liberian Government under slain Pres. William R. Tolbert to increase the price of rice; a situation that ended the 133 year reign of the True Whig Party.
SCORE OF PEOPLE DIED during the rice crisis and the struggle continued up to the time President Weah called for an end to such struggle.
HIS DECISION TO REDUCE the price of rice and make it affordable for ordinary citizens is amongst reasons to celebrate the President’s pro-poor policy.
INDEED, THERE ARE reasons to celebrate because, Pres. Weah is showing positive signs of ending the people’s struggle which other leader ignored and enriched themselves.
Indeed, Liberians have reasons to celebrate!

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