Woman Accused Of Secret Video Recording

By Samukai Kanneh Lofa County Correspondent
A woman identify as Kolumba Komara from a small village Jamulor Lofa County, was arrested by sande members in October 29, 2017, accused of doing secret video recording of the sande society while carrying on rituals and initiation process.
According to our Lofa County correspondent, the head of the Sande Society Mama Siah Tombay demanded Madam Komara to explain the relationship between the Activists and FGM Campaigner Mohammed Z. Fofana who went public to condemn their culture.Speaking to our correspondent, “I was afraid to voice out our relationship to them, but endure the torture and detention”. “I couldn’t tell them the relationship between me and the Activist and FGM Campaigner Mohammed Z. Fofana, because “he is my nephew” whose whereabouts is unknown and also a target by the Sande and Poro society’s member” she said.
Madam Komara who is a member of the Sande Society, was initiated at her teenage. She spent almost three months in detention on the order of the head Zoe Mama Siah Tumbey, and she was released January 1, 2018 after her family paid Fifty thousand Liberian Dollars (L$50,000.00).
Madam Komara was afraid for her photo to be taken by our correspondent before it goes public, because she doesn’t want her photo view by Sande society members in the newspaper.
Contacting the traditional council head office in Monrovia with respect to the story involving their alleged action against Komara, the council refused to comment on the issue by the directive of the Chief Zoe Mama Siah Tombay and Chief of the traditional council Chief Zanzan Kawoh
The case of Female Genital Mutilation FGM in Liberia still remains a challenge where five (5) out of every ten (10) girls are cut and initiated in Liberia. Irrespective of the Executive Order Banning the Practice of FGM in Republic of Liberia from the office of the former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in January 2018, the practice of FGM up to date is a business as usual by the Sande society and its male counterpart, Poro.
The decision to in-act the Ban into law by the Liberian House of Representative still remains a major challenge due to the cultural and traditional nature of the practice since more than a century ago perpetrated by the indigenous Liberians. They account for over 12 Percent of the country’s Population . As the practice seeks to initiate women, children and girls in the name of cultural and traditional mandate, it’s a taboo for a member or member to speak public about their initiation and also an abomination to spy on the Sande society while carry on their initiation. Speaking against the practice of FGM whether member or non member is consequential by persecution and or forced initiation or death according to the policy of the Sande society and its male counterparts Poro.

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