A Spell Stealing Weah Away

-CDCians, Collaborators Smell “Monkey Works Baboon Draws”
Despite three-time release of lists of nominees, some including known members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), there is a huge dissension amongst partisans and collaborating parties who think the new president must be battling voodoo spell which they claim is robbing the president his sense and gratitude and using him against people who deserve job preference in Government. The Public Agenda got several calls from CDC inner circle and from collaborating political parties who were unanimous in their view that Weah’s government formation process is ignoring individuals who put their necks on the chopping board to get the CDC victory.Many officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and stalwarts of collaborating political parties that fought to ensure the CDC victory are losing every hope they would get a pie of the “elephant meat” being butchered by President George M. Weah and his most trusted buddies. They complained to The Public Agenda they have become a laughing stock in their communities because they are yet to hear their names even though the President and his buddies have named nearly two hundred persons to various positions in Government and despite their efforts during the campaign, they continue to be ignored.
Lamentations from Friendly Parties
During the height of the campaign, several parties opposed to the continuity agenda of the Unity Party joined ranks with the CDC and took strategic positions and actions that contributed to the final victory of the CDC. The parties include the Liberty Party, United People’s Party, Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), among others.
“Did we spend our time and resources to get to this level and see only friends and special interest individuals to get compensated at our sweat? This is utterly disgusting,” said an official of a collaborating party who does not want to be named. “We have been a laughing stock all over the place. The government is being formed to completion, and all we hear is the names of family members and friends; the worse of all, people that were battling us verbally and otherwise so that CDC did not succeed.
“When parties come forward to collaborate in a riotous elections such as the one we had, it is expected that those who fought the battle would be given some iota of reference and priority, but this is not what is happening,” the collaborating political party official lamented.
“What do we tell our family members and friends, even including those whom we won, about this whole ‘monkey works, baboon draws’ syndrome that is permeating the CDC? We are left as jetsam and flotsams in the whole process; we are made a laughing stock in the community and in the country.”
In the latest batch of nominations released by the office of President Weah, there came the name of one of the CDC’s fiercest enemy, the vice standard bearer of the former ruling Unity Party that was defeated in the runoff. Other stalwarts of the ruling party, including former Police Director Gregory Coleman, were named by President Weah.
“Does Weah know that these people who should be in opposition to the CDC are given these jobs and more leverage to marshal economic and political strengths to fight the CDC in six year time?”
Internal CDC Squabbles
Meanwhile, internal disgruntlement amongst mainstream CDC partisans is seething veracious for what the “marginalized” partisans also referred to as “monkey works, baboon draws”.
A CDC county chairman who also prefers anonymity told Public Agenda that it appears President Weah is reneging on his promise to county chairpersons that many, if not all, would be compensated with the superintendency of their respective counties if CDC won.
“From what we are seeing now, the President is not keeping the promise. Seven of the county superintendents are nominated and none served as county chairperson,” he said.
“What President Weah is forgetting to know is that we, the county chairpersons, worked like jackasses; in fact, some of the people being appointed today were the ones that were fighting us, jailing or threatening to jail us, during the campaign. How do we explain our misfortune with this party?”
The CDC county chairperson said, if President Weah makes the mistake, as he is doing, and appoint non-committed, lukewarm people in the counties as Superintendents, the morale and strength of the CDC will get diluted or dissipated.
Key Auxiliaries Grossed Over
Key campaign blocs are also complaining, because according to sources, the government is being formed on a pick-and-choose basis. As the head of one major campaign block, also requesting not to be named said, “Many potential foot-soldiers and auxiliary officials are left out because those using charm on the President are putting their relatives and friends in government and Weah is saying nothing about it.”
“What we expected from Weah and those forming this government is that they would look at various auxiliaries—some in and out of the mainstream party—and place to place for which expertise and commitment they provided during the campaign,” he said. “We are very surprised that major contributors to the victory appear completely ignored.”
Who Bewitched Pres. Weah?
There have been mixed concepts and theories providing explanations on why things are proceeding the way they are relative to the formation of the CDC government, though most of the theories and concepts point to a central wild belief—that President Weah’s innate humanity and fairness is poisoned by charm and spell from obvious quarters.
Some insiders point to the Party Chairman who is believed to have overshadowed the President, making shady deals and deceiving President Weah into the unpopular manner in which appointments are made.
“I don’t understand how President Weah whom I know can allow himself to be misused by Chairman McGill who shows his individuality, greed and incompetence by abandoning bona fide CDCians and their collaborating partners in exchange for sworn enemies and mockers of CDC,” said a prominent CDCian who is also outraged by the exclusion of partisans from the appointment exercise.
“We are all Africans, and we know that voodoos work, and we must not dismiss the power of charms working in this situation,” said the CDC stalwart. “I am inclined to think this way because I know George Weah very well. He’s good at remembering friends, particularly those who worked for him or helped him. His is a God-fearing person. But that McGill has taken hold of him completely and he has forgotten many people who worked hard for the success of CDC—bona fide CDCians and others who came in to help us – shows that something big has happened to George Weah. And it should not be far from a big spell on him.”
Still yet, some pundits are theorizing that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia, has consumed and beclouded the sense of fairness and gratitude associated with George Weah. According to these pundits, George Weah has accidentally curved in too much to Sirleaf influence at the expense of CDCians.
“Besides McGill who is playing the western Liberian cards, and making sure that every other important CDCian keeps far from Weah, former President Sirleaf is a big factor; she has made Weah to maintain too many of her loyalists in the CDC government, even including bodyguards,” he said. “This is not only dangerous to CDCians who suffered in the hands of the exclusionary policy of the Sirleaf government but also who are desperately looking for job”.
He said further: “Let me tell you, when we talk about regime change via democratic elections, it means a thorough change that alternates political power and economic power as well. What we have right now is no long a regime change. It is not an alternation of power. All this is because, former President Sirleaf is not letting it so and unfortunately, Weah is buying into her scheme.”
“President Weah needs to sober up,” said another former CDC inner circle person who is now on periphery of things as far as the formation of the government is concerned. “He needs to pause, and to look around. He knows those who made him win. He needs not lose sight of his obligation to his hard working people because; the so-called vetting committee has failed, overshadowed by McGill and Sirleaf. He must take charge and be sober!”

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