Pres. Weah Stabs Margibians In the Back

-Citizens Describe Nuquay’s Appointment “Betrayal Of Confidence”
It’s becoming increasingly clear by the day that the formation of the new government has posed the first biggest challenge to the capacity of President George Weah to rule – a capacity challenge that was divulged by his opponents during the 2017 elections as his weakness.
Many critics of Pres. Weah during the elections which he won December 26, 2017 had opined at the time that he lacked the ability to lead a highly political country, like Liberia.That criticism is lifting its head again as the new president is, according to pundits, not only taking a far longer time as necessary to form his government but also that the his government formation process is marred by missteps and clouded with controversies.
The President has already withdrawn one of his major nominees, Charles Gibson, who perhaps, due to poor vetting process was selected by the President to serve as Chief Justice despite myriad ethnical breaches attributed to him in the practice of law in the country.
There are outcries all over the place regarding many more presidential nominees—outcries bordering incompetence and moral debauchery.

J. Emmanual Nuquay

Constituent parties of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) have been voicing their disenchantment over the partial manner in which the leadership of the coalition, mainly the Congress for Democratic Change constituent, which is the largest constituent, has been conducting itself in selecting individuals for public positions.
Both the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP) and the National Patriotic Party (NPP) have been expressing dissatisfaction over what they consider unfair distribution of jobs in contravention of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered into by the three parties, including the Congress for Democratic Change at the consummation of the Coalition for Democratic Change.
While internal squabbles continue to create disquiet amongst partisans and constituent parties in the distribution of jobs, the citizens of Margibi County have been voicing out a far different matter concerning the government formation process.
“We have come to your offices today to state on the record that we, the people of Margibi, who voted overwhelmingly for George Weah feel totally betrayed and stabbed in the back by the President,” Jeremiah J. Flomo, Jr, who claimed to be the spokesman of the concerned Margibi County citizens who walked to the offices of The Public Agenda, said.
“In our conscious mind, we the people of Margibi overwhelmingly rejected our own son, brother and father, Mr. J. Emmanuel Nuquay, and his master, Joseph Boakai, not just in the first round of elections held October 10, 2017 but also on December 26, 2017, and we overwhelmingly elected Mr. George Weah and Madam Jewel Howard Taylor whom we felt could provide Liberia the best leadership envisaged by all citizens.“By our rejection, we the people of Margibi were very sure that Mr. Nuquay was not fit for public office, no matter the position; so, why the Lofa people were voting overwhelmingly for their son and father, Joseph Boakai, we decided to do the opposite by voting for the candidacy of Mr. Weah.”
Panting with apparent ire and disappointment, the concerned Margibians’ spokesman, enveloped by his kinsmen, continued: “To our utmost surprise and disappointment, we learned that Pres. Weah has appointed Nuquay to serve in his government, an appointment that means that we were wrong for rejecting Nuquay in favor of the President and that George Weah loves Mr. Nuquay more than us, Margibians.
“We say this because, the fact that he put Mr. Nuquay in charge of the Liberia Aviation Authority, it means the President who travels often puts his security in the hands of Nuquay; it means he trusts Nuquay and loves him than we do as his kinsmen.”
“Let me tell you this: We are hurt. We are saddened. We feel totally betrayed. We feel stabbed in the back. And Mr. Weah, by this appointment, has put us, Margibians on notice in the future. If he does not withdraw this appointment, we will show our worth in the near future.”


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