EFFL Wants APM Terminals Agreement Revisited

One of Liberia’s leading Revolutionary Organization name and styled ‘Economy Freedom Fighter of Liberia (EFFL) is calling for the visitation of the APM Terminals.
The head of EFFL Mr. Emmanuel Gonquoi in an interview with this paper noted that Sections and provisions of the current concession agreements has constantly been abused by the APM Terminals, which has deprived Liberians the right to do Stevedoring as stated in section five (5) 2of the amended concession signed in 2011.He this follow after a careful review of the lines and clauses of the agreement, couple with the several testimonies and observations on the operations of the APM Terminals.
Mr. Gonquoi who is refried as the Command in Chief of the EFFL also used the occasion to on the National Legislature to mandate the committees on state enterprise to review and amend the concession
agreement between the government of the Liberia represented by the National Port Authority and the APM Terminals.
My reasons for my calling for the current agreement does not have any cooperate social responsibility in it, to reflect the on the nearby communities for economic advancement and social wellbeing of its
inhabitants. Section 7.06 (B) of the concession agreement gives exclusive right to the concessionaire to carryout stevedoring” He said.
He further that the concessionaire shall have the exclusive Right during the Term to Perform the Ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship container handing and ship-to shore and shore-to-ship general cargo handing (Excluding Domestic Cargo).
He noted that this will done within 30 Mile radius of the port, provided that the concessionaire shall always have adequate capacity to accommodate the throughout and traffic growth in the port in
accordance with good industry practice.
This section he claimed, denies the GOL and port users from interning for and behalf of whichever party they represent during the time of cargo handling.
Gonquoi when modified, this clause also gives APM Terminals the exclusive right to determine who goes on and off ships upon arrival of ships that lies within thirty (30) mile radius.
He indicated that this is totally unacceptable! Section 7. 17 (c) of the current agreement states that “Liberians shall cause Liberian nationals to hold at least fifty percent (50%) of the eight most
senior management positions within five (5) years.
According to the EFFL Boss the APM Terminals is in direct and gross violation of this section and has poorly responded to this portion of this agreement, and at such should be reviewed with immediate effect.
It can be record that the APM Terminals Signs Monrovia Concession ‐ the 25‐year agreement ratified by Liberian Parliament.
The now formalized agreement for the port’s privatization will result in the investment of $120 million USD in the facility over the course of the contract term.

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