Koijee To Be Confirmed

-As Senators Give 100% Assurance
The Mayor designate of the City of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee has promised to run a participatory governance system when confirm by the Liberian Senate.
Koijee said every Citizen residing in Monrovia will be involved in the transformation and governance of the City especially in maintaining its beautification. According to the Youthful Mayor, “team work inclusive of the Participation of the struggling masses in the process of municipal governance is the surest way to improve and impact a developing City with Monrovia being of no exception” . As part of plan to rapidly improve the City of Monrovia,
Mayor Designate Koijee has promised to Launch a “180 day clean and green City Campaign” with support from International Partners and the National Government. The campaign according to him will help maintain the cleanliness of Monrovia and provide job opportunities for Young People.
He said Young People will be recruited from communities including Universities to initiate this plan, and also vowed to fully work with the City Council to implement this initiative. This plan according to him will be fully implemented in every community of Monrovia and its surroundings especially the densely populated commercial City of Duala. He Pointed out that Youth empowerment and employment remains key under his Leadership and in fostering the” Change for hope” agenda when confirm by the Senate. Koijee also promised to work to improve the conditions of casual workers and employees of the city Corporation.
He told Senators on Capitol Hill that, he will work with them to revisit some of the laws of the city to best suit current day realities.
He however Maintained that he will work with relevant agencies and authorities including the Ministry Public Works to protect the Zoning Laws of Monrovia and also partner with the Police to protect Lives and Properties within the City limit.
Mayor designate Jefferson T Koijee spoke on Friday when he appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Affairs for confirmation.
Senators of the Senate Committee on Internal Affairs including Bleabo Brown , Milton Teahjay , Jeradine Doe- Sherriff , Francis Paye and others assured Mayor designate Jefferson Koijee that he will automatically be confirmed.
The Senators encouraged Koijee to be an example of the Thousands of young People who believed in his ability to lead the densely populated City of Monrovia.
They promised to work with him to ensure that Monrovia which hosts the office of the President, Legislators and others Major government entities is transformed.

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