EFFL Wants Pres. Weah Focus On Unemployment, Agriculture, Sanitation

President Elect George Weah

One of Liberia’s leading progressive and revolutionary organization operating in the Country, ‘Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL)’is encouraging President George M. Weah to focus on designing programs and agendas that will enable Liberians to own concessions in Liberia rather than thinking about foreigners becoming citizens in our country.EFFL Commander –In-Chief Mr. Emmanuel Gonquoi in a News Conference held at his resident Wednesday said that the EFFL strongly opposed to proposer by the Liberian leader calling for foreigners to be granted dual citizenship.
The statement he said was in response to President George Manneh Weah annual message to the 54th National Legislature delivered on January 29, 2018 in which he subjected that foreigners to be given citizenship.
It can be record that, few weeks ago, the president honored the calls of the constitution Article 58. which states that “The President shall, on the Fourth working Monday in January of each Year, present the administration’s Legislative program for the ensuing session, and shall once a year report on the state of the Republic
The EFFL Boss term as an hour long narration of a bedtime tale, President Weah exhausted sufficient time of our Legislators and foreign friends dabbling in clichés and irreversible errors, thereby leaving behind the key puzzles confronting the state, the economy, Health care, Youth unemployment, Agriculture, sanitation and ect.
He said that Agriculture has proven to be the engine of growth in many economies and caution the Liberian leader to pay keen attention to developing merchandise farm for food security and greater employment for the over 90 percent unemployed Youth who in fact voted him to power.
According to him, this was only to bring forth what was proposed to him in secret meetings by his foreign friends and campaign sponsors called the “Weah’s all Mighty Dual citizenship” to Non Negro descents/ Dual Citizenship
The EFFL Boss is quoted as saying “the framer of the 1847 constitution may have had every reason and justifications to include these restrictions in that historic document.
“The great objective of forming these colonies were meant to provide a home for the depressed and oppressed children of Africa, and to regenerate and enlighten this benighted continent, none but persons of color shall be admitted that Liberia occupy today in that citizenship in the Republic” He noted .
However, here in the 21st century I am of the view that these threats no longer exist and that these conditions have changed.
In these circumstances, it is my view that keeping such a clause in our constitution is unnecessary, racist and inappropriate for the place that Liberia occupies in the comity of nations.”
He state to the President’s view and understanding of the constitution is flawed, unrealistic, unfortunate, and totally out of the spirit of Pan Africanism.
Gonquoi stressed that for too long Liberia and other African countries have struggled against foreign domination and as such has cemented special ties with African countries for co-existence.
He noted that the founders and forefathers of this Liberia established this land as the original homes of Africans and Negros only, and not those Lebanese, Indians, Chinese who are abusing our sisters and brothers in their supermarkets and stores on the daily basis.
“Fellow Liberia, as if Insulting, molesting and denigrating our citizens by these people are not enough, our president is calling on us to grant the Lebanese citizenship as a token of gratitude for using our country as their incomes drilling machines” He said.
He pointed that even as terrible as former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf might have been perceived, at no point did she endeavor to enslave us by giving our land to the Lebanese and Indians through citizenship.
“It can be recalled that the constitution review committee did an extensive consultation with our people across Liberia, and such devilish proposal of making white people citizens was vehemently rejected’ He emphasized.
He pointed that the EFFL believes this statement is not only selfish, ungrateful, and falls beneath any scrutiny of logical reasoning.
How can you become intoxicated so soon with the comfort of the presidency that you have immediately forgotten what our struggling mothers, brothers and sisters are going through on a daily basis? Oh! Is it because you have achieved your goal of becoming president? He wonder.
“Mr. Weah, We can assure you, that it is only your struggle for power that have ended, but the struggle for a better living condition of our people will continue” He stated .
He stressed that that the president’s struggle for ill-gotten wealth may have ended Mr. President, but they will continue the struggle for Liberian to take charge of our country’s economy.
“We will continue the struggle for equitable distribution of the country’s resources to all Liberians, and just Liberians, not your Lebanese kinds of Liberians Mr. President’ He assured.

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