Defense Officials Promise Citizens’ Army

Officials of the Ministry of National Defense have promised to build a military that will be citizens’ oriented army, meaning that the army will be citizens’ friendly but professional.Appearing before the Senate’s committee on National Defense, National Security, Intelligent and Veteran Affairs, Monday afternoon, February 19, in the William Richard Tolbert Joint Chambers at the Capitol Building, Deputy Minister for Administration, designate, Mr. Tibli Olandrus Dickson, Deputy Minister for Operations designate Ernest Varfee, former Poice spokesman Sam Collins, Assistant Minister designate for Public Affairs and Assistant for administration pleaded that they bringing skills and professionalism to the army which the country and its citizens can rest assure of.
“I bring skills to build the defense staff and the Armed Forces of Liberia especially in the awareness and preparedness at all times. With worth skills my team brought, if confirmed we also build the capacity of AFL in information security,” Deputy Minister for Administration designate said.
The defense team headed by its deputy minister designates for administration, Mr. Dickson intimated that officials promised to focus on security safety trainings that intend to save our civilians intern of conflict, noting that the Defense Ministry has policy document on the protection of civilians and the new army under their respective watchful eyes intend to improve on it.
The officials also promised to resolve the anything that creates dark cloud over the image of the army. It may be recalled, the Ministry of National Defense deducting money from the soldiers’ paychecks since the force was restructured in 2006, even up to present. However former Defense Minister Samukai since dismissed the claim stating that the deductions began in 2009 and not in 2006 as claimed; and they are paid into a WELFARE FUND created with the intent to cater to the needs of soldiers.
But, according to the soldiers at the time, the deductions were done in keeping with an agreement between the them and the Ministry, of which US$20 monthly was deducted from salaries of rank and file soldiers, while US$25 and US$30 monthly were compulsorily deducted from wages of officers,” the soldiers said.

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