Release Detained CBL Worker

-EFFL Appeals to NSA
The Economy Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) is calling for the unconditional release of the Staff of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Mr. Alfred Cheeks currently being detained at the National
Security Agency (NSA)
Mr. Cheeks, a staff of the CBL, is under investigation for allegedly releasing Sensitive Information on Social Media about allowances paid to members of President Weah’s delegation for the ongoing visite to
Senegal Morocco and France.In a press release issued late Friday evening in Monrovia under the signature of its head Mr. Emmanuel Gonquoi, EFFL noted that Mr. Alfred Cheeks have done no wrong and so wonder why the CBL would
forward him to the NSA.
The CBL views the posting as a serious breach of the banks’fidelity and confidentiality policy governing the conduct of its employees.
The EFFL quotes its Commander in Chief as saying that he takes serious interest in the unfolding of the case, as he is eagerly awaiting an official statement from relevant and credible media outlets on his release.
The release noted that Mr. Cheeks is not a criminal and should be treated with civility not with cruelty.

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