Weah’s France Visit Bearing Fruits

WHEN HE TOOK OVER the mantle of leadership barely a month ago, some people were pessimistic that little will be expected from President George Weah as his educational background was under criticism, given that he is best known as a world class football icon, with little emphasis on pursuing formal education. But his first 30-days in office is proving critics wrong.DURING THIS FIRST 30 days in office, His Excellency George Manneh Weah has demonstrated that he is as capable as his predecessors in show-casing Liberia’s plethora of problems at home and to the international community. The formation of his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government including the appointment of government officials to various senior ministerial and public agencies positions are so far on track, in line with international norms and practices, as each appointee is rigorously screened by the Liberian senate confirmation hearing exercise.
PRESIDENT WEAH IS therefore taking to Senegal, Morocco and France the same message that he told the Liberian people in his inauguration address such as the emphasis that will be placed on charting a pro-poor policy designed to improve the livelihood of Liberians, and the need to create a ‘new Liberia’ where hope and opportunities abound.
WHILE IN FRANCE THE President has told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that Liberia is broke and some of the reasons for this include the long civil war that engulfed the country in two main stages, 1989-1997 and from 1997-2003. He also informed the French President about the dangers that endemic corruption has caused to Liberia’s development transformation and the dire need to focus Liberia’s development agenda on improving the educational, health, agriculture and food security and roads and infrastructural development.
OF COURSE THE LIBERIAN leader is taking the opportunity of his visit in France to make familiarization meetings with business executives, educational and health institutions to present Liberia’s case to explore avenues on how Liberia can benefit in the areas of investors coming to invest and expand job creation opportunities and investment opportunities especially in agro-based industries.
AS A RESULT OF THIS historic visit, France has approved a grant of ten million Euros for Liberia. A large delegation of French business entrepreneurs are expected to make a follow up visit to explore investment opportunities available in Liberia. Educational institutions have promised to maintain cultural and scholarship and student exchange programs and plans are underway to get French involvement to improve the Liberian health and private business sector.
WE ARE OF THE opinion that even though it is too early to judge President Weah’s performance, his first month in office from the January 22, 2018 inauguration day to the day he met with Emmanuel Macron of France provide ample evidence that the Liberian people made no mistake in unanimously voting into office the CDC standard bearer Ambassador George Weah as Liberia’s 24th president. It is hoped that the momentum to improve the Liberian economy that he has put on course will continue to yield fruts unabated.

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