Cllr. Sherman Re-submits Presidential Transition Act

By: Priyanka Kiazolu
The Chairman of the Senate standing committee on judiciary Cllr. Varney Sherman has re-submitted the draft of the “Tenured GOL Personnel law which was initially submitted to the plenary of the Liberian senate.
It is pursuant to the draft” Presidential Transition Act” submitted by formal president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the twilight of her administration.It should be recalled that former president sirleaf proposed that “tenured GOL personnel” should retain their positions notwithstanding the change of the executive branch of the Liberia government, through the election of a new president.
It is propose that in the alternative a “GOL Tenured personal” Should be given compensations for His/ her term of office if his or her services are terminated.
It should be recalled that the “GOL Tenured Personnel” was one of the laws, which created the agency or institution to determine that a person, he or she has been appointed to a position for such a term of years.
It should also be recalled ex-president Sirleaf withdrew her presidential “transition Act,” when it was criticized by the Liberian public, judging it to mean requesting for immunity for her officials.
It should be further recalled that not, withstanding the recall of the bill, the senate committee on Judiciary Human Right, Claims and partition went ahead and drafted a senate version of a presidential transition Act”.
With respect to the GOL tenured employee, the draft “ senate presidential transition Act” provides that a GOL Tenured personnel should be allowed the opportunity to resign his or her position or be terminated by the end of the first six years, after a new president is inaugurated into office, and he or she will get compensation for that period and for an extra six months.
Because of this high cost, if such new law was adopted, the time for resignation was reduced to three months with compensation of only six months.
It should be further recalled that the “senate presidential transition Act” was adopted by the senate plenary and sent over to the house of representatives, for their concurrence but due to the elections in which all members of the house of representatives were involved in, they never considered the “senate presidential Act”.
The Grand cape mount county senator said after the 54th Legislature convened, realizing the necessity to resolve the issue of GOL Tenured personnel, he was re-submitting the draft law for consideration of the Liberian senate, which was then referred to the senate’s Judiciary committee for the necessary action.

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