Boy 18 Rapes 12 Years Old Girl

– In Samukai Camp Near Caldwell
By Kermu O. Massaquoi
Police has arrested a boy aged 18, for allegedly raping a twelve 12 years old girl.
A Police report source reveals that based on a complaint filed by the victim’s father Mr. Harris K. George, on the 17th day of February 2018 his daughter P. Sametta George was sexually abused in their living room by the defendant Aaron Johnson leading to his daughter sustaining serious injuries in her private part.He said during police investigations, the victim Sametta George narrated that on the 17 day of February defendant Aaron Johnson came from out and met her parking her clothes in the living room when the defendant held her from behind and forcefully puts his penis in private part.
The Police report indicated that having observed the medicinal report obtained from Redemption hospital, it is revealed that the accused got in contact with Sametta as her virginal wall was seen reddish and bruised with fresh tears, as a result of the penetration caused by a blurred object.
Meanwhile when the police investigation team interviewed defendant Aaron, he immediately denied having sexual intercourse with the victim Sametta George but the investigation team, that he and the victim were in the living room on the 17th of February 2018 when she ran to change her clothes and when he heard the victim’s mother entering the house, adding that there is no way he could do such an act.
In view of facts gathered by the police however, defendant Aaron was charged for rape and has been transferred to the Monrovia City Court awaiting trial.

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