Weah’s First Month in Office:

-A Success Or Failure Story?
The Public Agenda newspaper’s investigative reporting team was on the streets in various communities in and around Monrovia to solicit the opinion of the Liberian people on their assessment of President George Weah’s administration after one month since they took over the mantle of the leadership of this country.
It is generally assumed that based on how he has started, Liberia will immensely benefit from his style of leadership. On the other hand there are those who feel that there are chances for corruption to be minimized under Pres. Weah’s administration as he is showing zero tolerance to corruption.In the Slipway Community which falls under district#8 of Hon. Acarous Gray, some of marketers interviewed at the Rally Time Market told this paper that until government comes out with a clearly defined position statement on how much money the Unity Party led government left at the Central Bank of Liberia vault, and how much was inherited by President George Weah’s administration, the CDC led government’s claims to be waging a war on corruption will only be cosmetic and a camouflage.
One Madam Anita who said she hails from Nimba County told our reporter that one thing good that she likes about the work that President Weah is doing since coming to power is his promise that he will raise the living standard of soldiers in the country.
According to Anita, during normal days it was difficult for an enlisted soldier in the army to make a salary of even US$ 40 a month, so if president Weah can go beyond raising salary to providing schools, hospitals and medicines for soldiers, it will be a good idea for a poor country like Liberia.
It is also reported that over the years government workers have been in the habit of stealing government vehicles by hiding them in garages under the impression that they are no longer useful, and can sometimes ask for another government vehicle. It is therefore in place to hear from Pres. Weah while on his 3-nation visit in Senegal to give the directive that he will institute an audit of all government ministries and agencies.

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