Weah Over-Emphasizes Clean Monrovia City

-Appears Set to Outsmart Mary Broh
The Liberian President, Ambassador George Manneh Weah, appears determined to set a better record in cleaning the city of Monrovia, than what the Director of the General Services Agency (GSA) Madam Mary Broh did, as he launches operation ‘Weah for Clean City’ exercise.
It can be recalled that during the administration of Ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the name ‘Mary Broh became a household word in Monrovia and around the country during her tenure as Monrovia city Mayor, for adopting a zero tolerance to cleaning Monrovia, eventually leading her to mandate that every first Saturday of the Month is time for compulsory city cleaning from 7: 00 AM until 10: 00 AM in the Morning, for which no work apart from doing some cleaning is expected to be allowed and businesses are compelled to close down so that everyone can participate in the cleaning exercise.This time around, President George Manneh Weah and his CDC lead administration wants to do even more, by him and wife Madam Clar Weah, the First Lady showing personal interests in city cleaning through their physical presence with brooms and shovels in hand to clear garbage heaps in some parts of the city along with City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and some top government officials who attended the launching program.
Speaking at the launching of rebranded city cleaning initiative code named: ‘Weah for clean city’ at the Rally Time Market on Saturday, President George Weah made the solemn appeal to call on all Liberians to join the new city mayor to clean the city.
According to Ambassador Weah, a clean environment is essential for the health of residents, as it helps to prevent sickness. He also noted that cleanliness is next to Godliness and thus encouraged all Liberians to ensure that their environments are always clean.
In her remarks, the First Lady Her Excellency Madam Clar Weah observed that clearing your environment is a healthy way of living. “I will stand behind Mayor Koijee in carrying on this initiative and will render any support that he may need to ensure that the objective of a clean Monrovia city is achieved,” she said.
Also speaking at the launching program, the Monrovia City Mayor Hon. Jefferson Koijee thanked President Weah, the first lady and all distinguished officials who participated in the program including Madam Mary Broh for taking part in the launching program, adding that the rebranding of the First Saturday cleaning exercise to ‘Weah for Clean City’.
He added the change in name means that government manifests high interest in the health of the Liberian people across the country, and this is why the exercise will not only be limited to Monrovia but to other cities across the country every first Saturday of the month, with the full cooperation of all stakeholders including Public works ministry, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), law enforcement agencies and administrative and other officials of government.
Also as another sign of the seriousness that government attaches to the success of the initiative, Mayor Koijee gave some financial hand-outs to some residents of almost all he areas that participated in the cleaning exercise such as Rally Time, Center Street, Soniwein, Waterside, Mechlin Street, UN Drive communities and strets.
In the opinion of people interviewed by our reporter during the cleaning exercise, “Madam Broh did well by having set this day aside for the cleaning of Monrovia city by residents and she deserves commendations for being bold enough by going even further in ordering the demolition of all haphazard structures that makes Monrovia look awkward, dirty and a laughing stock in the eyes of visitors,” one resident of Soniwein community said.
Another resident observed that if President Weah himself can involve in the menial and common task of helping to clean the city, it means he wants to identify with the problems of the common people in urban areas, by giving them early warnings, that dirt and flies bring sickness, and prevention is better than cure.
Another participant in the program re-echoed that what he would like President Weah to do also is ensuring sanity and orderliness in the land selling and surveying practices in the country, as many people cheat poor people by quickly building on their lands with the belief that they will not have the financial hands to challenge them in courts.
He said as a result of this many poor people are constrained to live in urban slum areas such as West Point, which are often congested, with unplanned buildings and streets, and often filthy thereby contributing to health hazards and the dirtiness of the city.
A Rally time marketer told this paper that there is a need for stronger implementation of existing legislations regarding wasting of garbage on streets and public places, by setting examples with heavy fines imposed on violators to actually make the Weah for clean city campaign to work.
As one foreign resident pointed out, making Monrovia and other cities across Liberia look clean, depends on the attitude of Liberians themselves. All residents need to be conscious of our responsibilities to avoid wasting sewage and dirt around, by keeping them in trash cans in and near buildings, and while traveling in vehicles it should not be thrown outside.
In this way every Liberian and foreign resident will be making their respective contributions to helping the President and the first Lady in show-casing Monrovia to the world as a clean city to be proud of like other capitals in West Africa.

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