Health Minister’s Confirmation Suffers Setback

By Anthony Selmah
The Senate confirmation hearing of Health Minister Designate, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah was on Monday March 5, 2018 suspended due to serious concerns raised by Maryland County Senator, J. Gbleh-Bo Brown.
He requested the nominee to give a full explanation about a case involving her private clinic, Hope for Women Medical Center in Paynesville for the death of one Mrs. Fahnbulleh while undergoing treatment at her clinic.According to Sen. Brown, people are pointing accusing finders at Dr. Jallah that she is responsible for the death of one Mrs Fahnbulleh, while she was seeking medical attention at your hospital, the Hope for women center. as the husband of the deceased and other witnesses are alleging.
The senator added that the senate confirmation hearing committee is therefore demanding clarity from her on the issue before confirmation.
The concern raised by the Maryland County lawmaker provoked heated arguments in the joint chambers hall where the confirmation hearing was taking place, an argument that lasted for some time.
Senator Gbleh-Bo Brown chatting with legislative reporters at his capitol building office repeated the issue been raised by the public and the Liberia medical dental council(LMDC) against the Health Minister designate is very serious and needed real clarity.
According to him, they as senators represent a large number of people in their respective constituencies, and thus it is the responsibility of them to properly make inquiries into such issues coming from the public.
The Maryland county lawmaker further stated that the Health Minister designate Dr. Jallah has the qualification for the position, the hold-up is the issue centering the ethical problem been raised by the public and LMDC which needs to be addressed properly by the health minister designate.
The Maryland County lawmaker however asserted that health minister designate Dr. Jallah has the chance to be confirmed rather than Senators pre-judging her, adding that but they only want full clarity on the issue surrounding that death issue before her confirmation.
Senator Gbleh-Bo Brown explained that the President has the right to appoint, and they as senators have the sole responsibility to confirm or reject that nomination on the grounds of tangible reasons.
The Maryland county lawmaker indicated in his concluding statement that he is against the confirmation of Dr. Jallah, as all that he wants from her on allegations against her coming from the Liberia Medical Dental Council and the public.

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