Restrictions on Motorcycles Lifted?

-Asks Sen. Doe Sheriff
By Priyanka Kiazolu
Montserrado county senator Hon. Geraldine Doe-Sheriff has asked her colleague committee senate members on transport and security to invite the Inspector General of the Liberian National Police (LNP) to the plenary of the Liberian senate to clarify the restriction and regulations placed on motorcycles in the country.
Senator Doe Sheriff, who is also the chair on Executive in the senate, has in a letter addressed to the senate Pro –Tampere, stated that according to intelligence reports she has received, the restrictions and regulations placed on motorcycles have been lifted by the Liberian National police.She added that her decision to write the letter was predicated on her seeing on last Saturday, march 3, 2018, at 7pm a huge convoys of motorcycles plying the routes from the Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor to as far as to ELWA junction, displaying their usual rude gymnastics and chanting freedom at last, freedom at last songs.
During this freedom at last convoys, done with their acrobatic displays, two of the motorcycles collided before a Monrovia city corporation skip truck, which could have been dangerous, if the driver of the truck was not smart to hold a quick brake.
“I see the regulations or restrictions placed on bike riders as safety, and security measures which were welcomed by nearly everybody” she said.
According to her under the restrictions or regulations, commercial motorcycles were to ply the roads only in their communities, and to stop near major junctions and main roads, adding that this has immensely curtailed accidents
“As you may be aware the restrictions were imposed because people were dying in accidents and also incurring property losses as personals belongings were stolen as a result of motorcyclists reckless actions” Sen. Doe Sheriff noted.
She pointed out that prior to the regulations, many deaths and injuries were occurring mainly on the main roads, which involved commuters and riders, while pedestrian’s personal belongings were snatched away, as many criminal commercial riders joined them.
She indicated that Armed robbers can escape easily from the crime scene, using motorcycle especially at night after an Armed robbery operations.
The Montserrado county Senator disclosed that at the time all efforts to curtail such unwarranted attitudes proved ineffectual, until some restrictions or regulations were put into place by the ministry of justice, though the Liberian National Police.

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