Lifting Restrictions On Motorcycles Backfires

Patrick Sudue

-But Police IG Clarifies
By: Priyank Kiazolu
The Inspector General (IG) of the Liberian Police (LNP), Patrick Sudue has clarified that the restrictions and regulations on motorcycles plying the streets of Monrovia that was enforced by the LNP still remains.
According to the IG, due to constraints that residents face in getting to their various destinations, they decided to lif.
He said because people were finding it very difficult to get motorcycles to carry them home from one place to another, the LNP deemed it necessary to lift the restrictions in some parts of the city.He added that lifting the regulations was done to ee if motorcycles plying the streets could help in easing the transportation shortage faced by the people under the pro-poor agenda.
It can be recalled that Montserrado county senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff recently begged the indulgence of her colleagues and requisite committees on transport and security in the Liberian senate to invite the Inspector General of the Liberian National Police to the plenary of the Liberian senate to clarify the restrictions and regulations placed on motorcycles in the country.
According to Senator Doe-Sheriff who is also the chair on Executive, she then wrote a letter addressed to the senate Pro –Tempore, in which she stated that all intelligence has informed her that the restrictions and regulations placed on motorcycles were lifted by the Liberian National police.
She noted that her decision to write this letter was prompted by what she saw on Saturday, march 3, 2018, at 7pm, as she saw a huge convoy of motorcycles form the Tubman Boulevard going as far as to the ELWA junction, displaying their usual gymnastic display and chanting:” freedom at last, freedom at last”.
She said during this freedom at last acrobatic display of the motorcyclists in convoys with their acrobatic displays, two of the motorcycles collided before a Monrovia city corporation skip truck, which could be dangerous if the driver was not smart to hold a quick brake.
She further stated that under the restrictions or regulations, commercial motorcycles were to ply only on streets and roads in their communities and stop to junctions near main roads.
Appearing before the Liberian senate yesterday, the police Inspector General said he has been observing over a period, that people going home late at night were been victimized by evil people.
According to him, before coming up with this decision he informed members of the motorcycles union, that they were going to meet next week to see how to implement this particular test case that is being put into effect.
It is also rumored in some quarters that the restrictions were only lifted on some streets, such as on the Somalia Drive from Free Port to Red-light, and from the Red-light to ELWA junction as they were going to have a meeting with President Weah.
In their conclusion, members of the senate Committee said the IG was in error for not consulting with the Senate committee on National defense and other security actors before lifting the restrictions.

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