Indians Are Liberia’s Friends Indeed

THE INDIAN COMMUNITY will go down in history as one of Liberia’s trusted partners and friends indeed, when it comes to extending hands of friendship to the government and people of Liberians as a reciprocal gesture for operating business ventures in Liberia. Like the Lebanese, Indian business entrepreneurs can be found in many parts of this Country providing imported wholesale and retail materials to meet the needs of Liberians very often at affordable prices.THIS IS WHY THE recent gesture of the Government of India sending a high delegation to Liberia to pledge their support to the newly democratically elected government of President George Manneh Weah, and to pledge donations and grant to the Government of Liberia is worthy of commendations.
A FOREIGN MINISTRY press statement has stated that the Indian delegation that visited Liberia recently has promised to provide US$2 million as a grant in aid for the funding of projects in Liberia’s fragile health sector. India has also allocated credit line to Liberia worth US$144 million and donated 50 vehicles to be used as buses and fire trucks to augment existing vehicles in their efforts to revive the ailing Liberian economy.
INDIA SHOULD THUS be considered as a friend indeed and not just a friend when in need of getting something from Liberians. It can be recalled that Indian ‘Tata bus’ donations significantly contributed to the setting up and maintenance of Liberia’s National Transit Authority (NTA) few years ago.
THE PLEDGE TO provide e-scan machines for the health sector and to provide some of the latest technologies in health care delivery services can be considered as serious reasons why Indians are among Liberia’s trusted partner in the implementation of President George Manneh Weah’s pro-poor agenda policy.
IT IS ALSO A LASTING monument of the solidarity and bilateral relations subsisting between India and Liberia over the years. It is also a bilateral a ties that had in the past motivated Liberians to travel to India for medical treatment. Such health care delivery facilities to be provided will help cut off the high cost endured by Liberians in traveling to India to seek medical attention.
AS WE WAIT TO see the implementation of the promises made by the India government to the pro-poor Agenda government of President Weah, we use this platform to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Indian government and people as well as the Indian Community in Liberia. We hope that Liberia’s other trading partners will follow India’s magnanimous gesture and example!

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