Quality Health Care Assured

– 70% Liberians Patience’s Poll Head Doctor Freia Discloses
Clinic Doc Freia, Quality Health Care Liberia solid cooperation with key partners in Liberia, Europe and the USA started full operation in Liberia of last year December 1, 2017 is buttressing government efforts by contributing to the country health sector.The head of quality health care Liberia, Doc Freia chatting with this paper recently at her office in Monrovia, disclosed that patience’s coming in at the clinic for medical attention 70% are Liberians.
She further stated that there is a good level of progress being made at the clinic since they started operation December 1, 2017 last year, adding that they are committed to ensuring access to the same doctor for all health issues, whenever it is possible.
She explained that the health center ‘clinic doc freia’ treats a large and increasing range of medical cases and situations based on international guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and good practice.
The head of the clinic noted that they are specialized in chronic diseases such as, diabetes, hypertension as well as heart, lung diseases, maternity, child and mental health.
According to her, the NGO Quality Health Care Liberia is a place to share and transmit knowledge and for organizing and supporting medical education, training and research.
She explained that the clinic thus increase the level of confidence, knowledge and proximity with patient.
The clinic carries out emergency surgeries, specialized health care vaccination, general health examination, provides European pharmacy, high equipment laboratory training, research, short term hospitalization.
The clinic also provides modern medical treatment and advanced family health care in ambulatory, maternity and child care unit.

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