Min. Wilson Wants Sin Tax On Cigarette, Alcohol Beverages

-As He Presents Int’l Licenses To Liberian Wrestling Athletes
During the week, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Zoegar Wilson presented international licenses to four Liberian Wrestling athletes from the International Wrestling Federation.
Eric Borkuah, Venecious Juah, Jarius Kollie and Augustine Flomo are the Liberian Wrestlers that are qualified by the International Wrestling Federation to receive the 2018 license.The four athletes represented Liberia in the just ended African Wrestling Championship held in Port Harcourt, Nigeria where Liberia end-up in the semis, thus qualifying for the next competition in May 2018.
Shortly after the presentation, the Liberian sports minister expressed his excitement for the achievement of the Liberia Wrestling Federation to participate in the African championship for the first time since its 20 years of existence and subsequently reached the semi final.
Minister Wilson congratulates the boys for taking the flag of Liberia to an unexpected level in their debut appearance at the continental wrestling competition, noting that the nation is proud of them.
He encouraged the newly international license Wrestlers to keep pressing on, as the sports ministry will do all to increase the national budget of sports in order to have all federations and associations in the country get their benefits.
At the recent tournament, the Lone Star nation fought in two categories, both the free style senior category and Greco Roman senior.
However, the Liberian the former Mighty Barrolle Goalkeeper revealed a plan to petition the legislature to impose sin tax on cigarette and alcohol beverages in order to raise money for the support of sports in the country.
A sin tax is an excise tax specifically levied on certain goods deemed harmful to society, for example alcohol and tobacco and drugs among others.
Meanwhile, the president of the Liberia Wrestling Federation (LWF) George B. Gould commended the new Youth & Sports Minister for his motivational words bestowed on the sportspersons and the LWF in general.
He disclosed that with the good plans of the new ministry, there is a light at the tunnel for wrestlers and other federations in the country and his federation will give it all to work along with the ministry to achieve its goal in the pro poor government agenda.
Gould asserted that getting to Nigeria it was difficult, but through the kind courtesy of Gilbert Moore, a Liberian philanthropist based in Canada, the four wrestlers were able to participate in the continent most renowned wrestling tournament.
The Canadian based Liberian had committed his support to the LWF to participate in the African Wrestling Championship and the 2020 summer Olympic Games.
The former Olympic athlete has shipped wrestling shoes; tracksuits and singlet among others for Liberian wrestlers to enable them participate in the continental competition.
Gilbert Moore asserted that his goal is to provide world class wrestling mat, gymnasium equipment and to galvanize resources for Liberian wrestlers to attend international competitions as to fly the national colors of Liberia.
According to him, his dream is to engage young and talented Liberians who may otherwise be unemployed and give them something positive to work towards.

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