Weah, McGill Offer Olive Branch

– To Boakai, Urey, Press and Others
The Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has recently voiced out his unalloyed support for his cabinet ministers to employ qualified Liberians without bias, and that he remains committed to the freedom of the press and of speech in the Country.
There are those Liberians who feel that opposition leaders like ex-Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the Unity Party, Counselor Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party, Benoni Urey of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) should be considered as enemies to President Weah and his CDC after they lost the elections to him.These are values that are indispensable to the flourishing of sustainable democracy in any country. It is a further manifestation of government’s sincerity and commitment to ensure that the Weah administration will be operating on the basis of freedom.
The CDC administration is striving to encourage democracy values, and to avoid those ones that can contribute to retrogressing development such as autocracy and despotism, arbitrary arrests, witch-hunting and imprisonments, muzzling of the press or denial of jobs to political opponents.
This commitment was last Thursday, March 14, 2018 further reinforced by the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill, when he extended the olive branch to opposition parties to operate freely, adding that government welcomes strong opposition.
According to Minister McGill who presided over the leadership of President Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) as Chairman during the elections, he believes maintaining strong opposition can contribute to rebuilding a country that has gone through 14 years of civil conflict.
Minister McGill believes that encouraging opposition parties to operate freely as a strong opposition bloc in the Country, as this can be essential for pointing out the challenges and weaknesses of the government.
He said it is not the dream of the CDC government to paralyze the opposition community by battling them and creating narrow corridors for their scope of operations, adding: “we pray for a stronger opposition bloc during our term of office, because we believe that opposition criticism can help to move democracy forward,”
This is indeed good news for those Liberians still doubting the sincerity of the Weah regime in this post election era.
President Weah and top notch members of his administration such Mulbah Morlu, the acting CDC chairman, have of late been offering conciliatory messages that evinces peace and hope to all Liberians to join hands in re-building the nation as insiders and not outsiders sitting on the fence.

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