Pres. Weah’s Laudable Olive Branch

PRESIDENT GEORGE MANNEH Weah will be remembered in the anal of Liberian history as one of the few or the only Liberian President to extend an olive branch of friendship to opposition parties and the press to criticize the weaknesses of his administration.
THIS IS INDEED A laudable and magnanimous gesture, as the President is demonstrating to the Liberian people that, it is you who gave me the mandate to rule through your votes on October 19, 2017 and through the presidential run-off on December 26, 2017 and so I count on you, the people of Liberia to efficiently rule by voicing out the weaknesses and shortcomings of my regime.ACCORDING TO THE minister of state for Presidential Affairs Attorney Nathaniel MacGill, the primary focus of President Weah’s led administration is how to achieve its pro-poor agenda and bring governance to the Liberian people through a participatory process. He added that Liberians are free to express themselves whether they are speaking the facts or lies and that government do not want ’praise singers’.
THE MINISTER OF STATE for Presidential Affairs also struck on another important point that may be taken to mean that President Weah is making good on his inaugural address promise to build a ‘New Liberia’, when he said that gone are the days when people who criticized government were hurled and haunted, adding that the Weah administration welcomes constructive criticisms from anyone.
IN A RELATED DEVELOPMENT, the President has indicated that he welcomes a strong opposition working together as a bloc, and that despite the heat exchanges among members of various political parties during the election campaign period, that brought divisions between some people during the just concluded elections, he has given instructions to all his cabinet ministers not to discriminate in dishing out employment opportunities to qualified Liberians especially on the grounds of political party affiliations. To a higher level whatever
WE VIEW THE MAGNANIMOUS gestures that President Weah has granted to all Liberians including the press and opposition parties as the beginning of a New Day of exceptional freedom good governance and sustainable democratic values in Liberia. It means that the Weah led administration wants to increase elements of freedom inherited from the administration of Ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
WE HOPE ALL LIBERIANS must be mindful of taking advantage of the Presidents gesture with responsibility, constructively and with objectivity rather than abuse the privilege. This is why under President Weah’s pro-poor and Freedom agenda government, it is our ardent hope that that those dark days of marginalizing individuals and groups because they hold opposing views are dead and buried for good.

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