Weah’s U.S. Policy

-In Dilemma Or On Track?
President George Manneh Weah of Liberia ought to do his utmost not to repeat the same mistake that Ex-Ivorian leader President Laurent Gbagbo made during his days in office, in turning his back on western countries mainly France and the United States throughout his first presidential mandate.
By doing so, President Gbagbo, a socialist whose political party, the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) whose ideas are modeled on socialist line, thereby created a platform of mistrust between his government and the west, notably France and the United States as he never dared visit neither France nor the United States while in power.Pres. Weah, who as an individual has a clean record with the United States, came to power in 2018 topping the list as one of Africa’s presidents convincingly elected in a popular democratic elections during the era of U.S. President Donald John Trump, but with a Vice President, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, wife of Ex-President Charles Taylor and whose name was among prominent Liberians banned from traveling to the United States.
Despite these isolated unfortunate incidents, including Liberia’s past poor performance in democratic governance, the country’s relations with the United States always remain solid. In Liberia’s Foreign policy orientations, the United States always remains the first among equals in view of deep rooted cultural and historical ties. The very idea of founding the state of Liberia was conceptualized in the United States.
In addition the United States remains the country’s most significant foreign aid contributor despite the on and off flaws in relationship such as the U.S. leading the campaign that successfully led to the arrest and prosecution of ex-President Charles Taylor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, Netherland and the black listing of some prominent Liberians including Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor from traveling to the United States.
It is indeed gratifying to learn that delays in the United States Embassy near Monrovia granting visa to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to travel to the United States to visit family members have now been finally lifted in line with her status as Liberia’s vice President.
Many political observers are also expecting that to ut Liberian’s foreign policy on a formidable trajectory, after visiting Senegal, Morocco , France and Nigeria, President George Manneh Weah would also be preparing to visit countries that Liberia can always consider as traditional friends and donor partners; such as the United States, China and West Africa countries. All these countries greatly contributed to ending the country’s protracted civil conflict, and the deadly Ebola virus.

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